Apple Watch bands

Apple has recently announced Watch Series 2, and one of the big concerns from many will be whether or not their current watch bands will fit on the new hardware. Whenever something new comes out, there's always a worry that backwards compatibility will be sacrificed at the alter of the new and novel. But good news! Not this time!

Apple kept the exact same lug and groove connector on Apple Watch Series 2 as they had on the original, meaning that you will be able to use all of your already-purchased watch bands on your soon-to-be-purchased new case.

If you've built a collection over the past year, odds are that you are excited to use them on the latest version.

So, breathe easy. Not the water proofing, not the new ceramic material, not the new Nike+ partnership — not anything! — will keep you from attaching your old bands to your new watch.

Sometimes, just sometimes, compatibility wins!

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