Iphone 12 Mini TeardownSource: iFixit

What you need to know

  • iFixit took an iPhone 12 mini apart and filmed the whole thing.

Apple's iPhone 12 mini is a Very Small iPhone. But that wasn't going to stop the folk at iFixit from taking one apart, was it? And not only did they rip a poor, defenseless iPhone to bits but they filmed the whole thing as well.

And it makes great viewing! Check it out.

We've already done Teardowns for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max so there's just one left til we're four for four. Today we're looking at the iPhone 12 mini. It's basically a standard iPhone 12, but hit with a shrink ray. How did Apple fit all the features of an iPhone 12 into this tiny phone? Let's do a mini teardown and find out.

The miniest iPhone 12 is definitely smol and that's obviously its charm. But it's only when you see the parts that go into it, and the lack of space inside, that you really appreciate the miniaturization that goes into making a phone – and not just phones this size, either. Especially when you remember that the A14 SoC that keeps this iPhone 12 mini ticking is the same one that lives inside iPhone 12 Pro Max, too.

Lory's iPhone 12 mini review is almost enough to make me want to ditch my iPhone 12 Pro. This teardown just makes me want one even more!