Waterfield Designs Dash Express Case for Nintendo Switch review: Sleek and protective minimalism

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Switch Out
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Bottom line: The Dash Express Case is a slim and chic sleeve-style case for your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. The soft and plush interior lining keeps your console safe and protected. The exterior "Forza" material is water-resistant, and an elastic band keeps the system secure. There are a few optional accessories to go with the case.


  • +

    Highly durable Italian "Forza" fabric

  • +

    Water-resistant on the outside

  • +

    Interior lined with soft and plush material

  • +

    Elastic band keeps Switch secure

  • +

    Slim and sleek profile

  • +

    Available for Switch and Switch Lite


  • -


  • -

    Accessories, like game card holder, are sold separately

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the most original consoles that have come out since it can be a home console or a portable handheld (unless you have the Switch Lite, which is handheld only). Honestly, I mostly use my Switch in handheld mode, and it often goes with me pretty much everywhere, if I can. So I am always looking for a case that will keep my Switch safe and secure, without adding too much extra bulk.

Enter the Dash Express from Waterfield Designs. Here at iMore, we're pretty big fans of Waterfield Designs' products. I've reviewed several of its bags before, including the recent Hitch Crossbody Laptop Brief and Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch. So when the news of a new Nintendo Switch case hit my inbox, I had to check it out for myself. Once again, Waterfield Designs does not disappoint.

Slim, sleek, minimalist protection

Dash Express Case for Nintendo Switch: Features

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Interior Full

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Interior Full (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The Dash Express Case is lightweight and slim, thanks to the premium Italian "Forza" textile fabric used on the exterior. This material creates a distinctive aesthetic since it's created by weaving together two yarn-dyed nylon threads in a basketweave pattern that's unique and stands out with undertones. The inside of the case has a plush and fuzzy lining, which keeps the Switch snug and scratch-free.

The Dash Express is a slim sleeve-style case for the Switch for those who prefer minimalism but still want on-the-go protection.

There is an elastic band at the opening to keep your console inside the sleeve. You can easily pull the band to the side to take your Switch out as needed, and it's just as easy to pull it back to close. However, be aware that since this is how the sleeve "closes," so to speak, the rest of the opening is still exposed, but your Switch should not be sticking out.

Along the edge of the sleeve is a small nylon loop, which you can use to attach a carabiner or leather wrist loop, both of which are sold separately by Waterfield Designs (or you can use your own).

In addition to the optional carabiner and leather wrist loop, another accessory that Waterfield has for the Dash Express is a matching 4-game card holder. This game holder is made of leather to go with the color of Dash Express that you've selected, and you simply insert your game cards into the slots to keep them in place. This card holder can easily slide into the Dash Express Sleeve, and because of the snug fit with the Switch inside, it won't slip out, even if you really shake it.

Thanks to the slim profile of the Dash Express, it should be able to fit into any of your bags easily, or you can just carry it around by itself. The Dash Express also comes in several color choices: Coffee, Blue, Red, signature Waxed Canvas, and black Ballistic Nylon.

Perfect for minimalists

Dash Express Case for Nintendo Switch: What I Like

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Game Card Holder Up Close

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Game Card Holder Up Close (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

When it comes to carrying my Switch everywhere, I prefer something slim and minimal, and that's what you get with the Dash Express. The Forza textile also gives it a sophisticated look, and I absolutely love that soft and plush lining. It's like a faux fur coat for your Switch!

I was a little skeptical about the opening of the sleeve being exposed, but surprisingly, the game card holder does not budge once it's inside there with the Switch. The elastic band is nice and sturdy, but easy enough to pull aside to get to your Switch. If you're worried about it getting loose, don't — this definitely feels like it will hold up over time, like other Waterfield products.

Usually, when I take my Switch out with me, I don't need other accessories with it. So I appreciate that this case is just about the Switch itself, with maybe a few extra games, but that's it. Honestly, it's all I need.

Enough room for your Switch and nothing more

Dash Express Case for Nintendo Switch: What I Don't Like

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Plush Interior

Waterfield Designs Dash Express Plush Interior (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

If you tend to carry extra accessories, such as a power bank, charging cables, Joy-Con grips, spare controllers, use a battery case or have a thicker shell case on, then the Dash Express may not work out for you. The Dash Express is explicitly designed for naked Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles, and there is no room for extra bulk. Thankfully it can easily fit into other bags so that you can carry your additional accessories that way.

While the Forza material is water-resistant, there is still the opening at the end, which leaves at least one Joy-Con exposed to water if you're out in the rain and only using this case. If you're in a dry area, though, this may not be a big concern, but still, what good is the exterior's water-resistance if the liquid can still get inside through an opening if carried on its own?

A great minimalist sleeve for Nintendo Switch

Dash Express Case for Nintendo Switch: The Bottom Line

The Dash Express is perfect for those who just want a sleeve to protect their Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite console while they're out and about. It's simple, slim, and does a great job at protecting your console, as long as you're not in too much of a wet environment. The elastic band looks basic, but it's secure and durable, making sure that your Switch is safe inside the plush lining. And because it's slim, it can fit in any bag, in case you need other accessories to game on the go (because those accessories aren't going to fit in this case).

The leather game card holder is also high quality, and it won't slip out of the Dash Express when it's inside. If the 4-game card option is too small, you can opt for a 10 or 20-game card holder instead.

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