Waterfield Designs Nintendo Switch Sutter Sling Pouch review: Just the essentials

Waterfield Designs Sutter Sling for Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can be played either in handheld mode, tablet mode, or even on your HD television set. Personally, even though we have a 4K TV that I enjoy using to play games on at home, I love to carry my Switch around with me wherever I go. I can easily pick up where I last left off in whatever game tickles my fancy that day, and it means I'm never bored, no matter where I am.

For several years now, Waterfield Designs has been my top choice for bags and cases for my MacBooks and Nintendo Switch. Honestly, I never thought that they could do better than their Nintendo Switch CitySlicker case, which I reviewed earlier. But they've proven me wrong with the new Nintendo Switch Sutter Sling Pouch and the complementing Switch Taco.

The Good

  • Lightweight and compact minimalist design
  • High-quality materials
  • Snug and protective fit
  • Plenty of organizational pockets and key hook
  • Microfiber lining in front pocket
  • Protective Switch Taco designed to fit perfectly

The Bad

  • Can't fit Pro Controller or Joy-Con Grip
  • No built-in game card holder
  • No handle for carrying

Even better than the CitySlicker

Waterfield Designs Nintendo Switch Sutter Sling Pouch: Features and What I Like

When I'm out and about, I like to be fairly minimalist with what I bring with me, though this doesn't always happen. But when it comes to my Switch, I just need the bare essentials. So I was eager to give the Sutter Sling Pouch a try when I received it.

Like all other Waterfield Designs bags I have, the Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch is made from super high-quality materials. I have the Grizzly Brown color, so it's made from a waxed canvas material that is durable and able to withstand pretty much anything I throw at it. The front also has the accent of distressed chocolate leather, giving it a super classy and elegant look.

Waterfield Designs Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch with the Switch Taco inside of bag

The interior of the main compartment is fairly spacious and roomy, which actually surprised me--it didn't look that big from the outside. The inside also has the signature gold rip-stop liner that most Waterfield Designs products have, making it easy to see the contents stored within. The inside adjacent to the front of the pouch features two pockets that are pretty deep, so you can put accessories and personal items like charging cables, extra Joy-Cons, a folding play stand, mints, and other small objects.

If you plan on using the Sutter Sling Pouch as your main bag for the day, the keyring hook is on a strap on the inside, and makes it impossible to lose your keys inside. The metal hook is pretty hefty, so it won't come loose.

Waterfield Designs Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch up close while worn by Christine Chan

The front pocket is especially nice, since it's lined with a soft and incredibly plush fabric. This pocket is a great place to store things like your smartphone, a battery pack, and other accessories. The Sutter Sling Pouch can specifically fit the Anker PowerCore 20100 battery pack, which has a Nintendo Switch-specific version as well, so that it actually charges up your console while you're playing it. The front pocket is where I'm currently keeping my Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition, as it's a perfect fit.

Waterfield Designs also used some heavy-duty water-repellent YKK zippers on the Sutter Sling Pouch. This means those zippers won't be falling apart and not zipping shut like some low-quality bags I've used in the past. The water-repellent part also means that water stays out, keeping your Nintendo Switch safe and sound from liquid.

The Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch is an excellent carrying bag for minimalists who just need the essentials for their on-the-go gaming sessions, along with a few small personal items.

As far as the back of the Sutter Sling Pouch, Waterfield Designs padded it with firm, closed-cell foam that's lined with a moisture-absorbing mesh. This is to provide extra cushion for your back and Switch, as well as helping you stay dry in warmer environments.

Since the Sutter Sling Pouch is a sling that's designed to be worn as a crossbody with the pouch on your back, it has a nicely designed carrying strap. The case has an angled strap attachment that not only gives it a clean look, but keeps it flat against your back or side. A metal locking clasp makes it easy to tighten or loosen the strap, so you can find the ideal and most comfortable length for you.

Waterfield Designs Switch Taco closed and revealing contents from top

While the Switch Taco has a bit of a silly name (at least that was my first impression), it's actually a bit of a genius product that complements that Sutter Sling Pouch perfectly. It was made to go with the Sutter Sling Pouch, so it easily slides in and out of the bag. The Switch Taco is a foldable insert that allows you to snugly nestle your console into, and the elastic strap keeps it closed shut.

The interior of the Taco has a raised neoprene layer to keep the console's screen clean and protected, and also helps ensure that the Joy-Cons are away from the front panel and don't get compressed, while keeping everything neatly centered. The padded pocket in the Taco is great for holding your game cards. If you have the Waterfield Designs 10-Game Card Holder or 20-Game Card Wallet, both of them fit snugly into the pocket, which is nice.

Waterfield Designs' Switch Taco is an optional accessory that you can purchase with the Sutter Sling Pouch for another $19.

Just the bare essentials

Waterfield Designs Nintendo Switch Sutter Sling Pouch: What I Don't Like

Waterfield Designs Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch back

The Sutter Sling Pouch is nearly perfect for me, and is definitely replacing the CitySlicker as my main carrying bag for my Nintendo Switch. However, it's not perfect.

The Sutter Sling Pouch is designed for minimalism, and I totally get that. However, it's just a shame that you definitely can't fit some extras, like a Pro Controller or Joy-Con Grip in there, at least not without sacrificing some comfort (it becomes bulky and unsightly). If you want a bag that can carry almost everything, then you should check out the Arcade Case from Waterfield Designs, which earned a glowing five stars from our own Lory Gil in her review. There is also the Multiplayer Pro bag from Waterfield Designs, which is great for those who need to transport everything related to their Nintendo Switch.

I'm also a little disappointed that there are no built-in slots for your physical game cards, since the CitySlicker has a few of those without the need for an additional accessory. By not including a built-in solution, it seems that Waterfield Designs is trying to push for their own Game Card Holder or Wallet.

Finally, I wish that the Sutter Sling pouch had some kind of carrying handle on the top of it. For those short distances, I would rather just carry it rather than slinging it on my back only to just take it off a few moments later. Definitely not a necessity, but it would have been nice.

A great Nintendo Switch carrying bag for minimalists

Waterfield Designs Nintendo Switch Sutter Sling Pouch: The Bottom Line

Even with those flaws, I'm still impressed with the Sutter Sling Pouch and Switch Taco. It's comfortable to wear and use, and definitely has enough room for the essentials that I need when bringing my Switch around town, or just for a quick trip to Disneyland.

Waterfield Designs also has an exclusive offer for iMore readers! If you place an order for the Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch through this link, you'll receive a complimentary Switch Taco with your order placed now through Feb. 25. The Sutter Sling Pouch and Switch Tacos begin shipping on Feb. 26.

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