Waze says that the performance of the app on iPhone and iPad has been greatly improved. Users should see more fluid navigation and faster route selection, among other improvements. The new traffic bar will now give you an estimate on how long you'll be stuck in traffic and monitor your progress.

You can find the big changes in Waze 3.9.4 in the list below:

  • Experience an overall faster Waze: smoother navigation, quicker route selection, and improved re-routing.
  • New traffic bar! Know how long you'll be in a jam, tracking progress as you go.
  • Learn which route Waze is taking with 'Let's go via' voice instruction.
  • Get a confirmation when sending your ETA: those receiving can instantly reply 'Got it, thanks'.
  • Improved support for U-turns
  • General bug fixes

In addition to these new features, you can now also back up your Waze account. That way, if you move to a new phone, you don't need to worry about loosing your Waze username and points.

Waze 3.9.4 is available for download now on the App Store.

Source: Waze

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