Iomega Jaz drivesSource: Museum of Obsolete Media

What you need to know

  • Iomega Jazz disks were launched in 1996.
  • They started with 1GB of capacity.
  • And your 2019 iPhone can still read them.

You remember the Iomega Jaz drive, right? It was the successor to the popular Iomega Zip drive and held at least 10x the data at 1GB per disk. In 1996 it was amazing, if a little on the industrial side. And oh how I wanted one. Well, it turns out that I can pick one up right now and use it with my iPhone 11 Pro. So, there's that.

I know this because YouTuber "napabar" explains it all in a YouTube video. And it might be the best eight minutes you'll spend today.

As you might imagine, trying to make something pre-interent work with a smartphone isn't really as simply as just plugging it in. For starters, the Jaz drive was only available in SCSI form – as your parents or Wikipedia, kids – which means connecting it to even modern computers isn't ean easy feat. There are cables that will take that SCSI interface and turn it unto USB but they aren't inexpensive. The video says they sell for around $200 which is enough to put me off giving this a try. But thankfully "napabar" was able to get hold of one on the cheap. And here we are.

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Sure, this is pretty useless and the chances are good that most people reading this have never heard of Iomega or Jaz drives. I bet plenty weren't even born in 1996. But if you were, and you're someone who was playing around with this stuff back in the day, this'll surely tickle the old nostalgia bone.

And for that, you're very welcome indeed.