WebMD's new iPhone app tracks health data from connected devices

WebMD has updated their iOS medical app with a new section called Healthy Target, which farms up all sorts of biometric data from your various fitness trackers and manual entry. Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Withings are just some of the compatible accessories. You can use the combined system to track progress towards goals such as weight, blood sugar levels, and sleep time. The app provides a full-spectrum view of the data it's amassed and helps you compare with historical data. WebMD will also serve up articles and web content relevent to the fitness goals you provide.

Besides the new section for fitness tracking, WebMD remains a well-respected reference for all sorts of health-related issues. You can punch in different symptoms to get a better idea of what might be affecting you, check side effects of drugs, find first aid instructions, and look up local health care providers.

Fitness and health tracking is becoming a big thing for mobile, and combined with the iOS 8 announcement of HealthKit, it only stands to get bigger. What do you guys use to track your fitness? Do you have more than one accessory that you'd like to manage under a single app?

Source: WebMD

Simon Sage

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