What color BeatsX should you buy: Black, gray, white, or blue?

You can get AirPods, Apple's W1-equipped ultra-light wireless headphones, in any color you want. Provided it's white. You can get BeatsX, Apple's other W1-equipped ultra-light wireless headphones, in any one of four different colors, though — white, gray, black, and blue.

Having trouble deciding which one you want? Let's break it down!

Who should get BeatsX in white?

BeatsX in white

Beats might have started with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine but it's Apple now and, when it comes to Apple headphones, nothing is more iconic than white. It started with the original earbuds on the original iPod, continued through Apple's previous in-ear headphones, and continues to this day with EarPods and, of course, AirPods.

The sight of someone walking, running, and dancing with crisp white wires dangling from their ears is burned into our generational memory. In a very real way, it is modern mobile music.

BeatsX may be wireless to your device but they're still wired together. So, if you want that classic look, you want your BeatsX in white.

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Who should get BeatsX in black?

BeatsX in black

If white is iconic to Apple then black is just iconic. It's the little piece of clothing everyone needs to own and still, even in the age of bright color, the most popular shade for any accessory on the market. That's because black doesn't just go with everything, it sets off everything.

It also fades away. Where white or color might draw attention, black can go unnoticed. That's great if you want a fancy new pair of BeatsX but you don't necessarily want everyone to know you're wearing a fancy new pair of Beats X. Put them in, head on out, and all people will see is a thin black wire — if they see anything at all.

So, if you just want a pair of BeatsX but you want to be chill about it, you want BeatsX in black.

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Who should get Beats X in gray?

BeatsX in gray

BeatsX aren't just black and white — there are shades of gray. Well, one shade at least. It's a cool, almost "interface" gray that seems designed to fade away and not draw any attention to itself, neither dark nor bright.

If you're having trouble deciding between black and white, like with Goldilocks, the gray BeatsX in the middle might just be the way to go.

So, if you want your BeatsX to be different, but not too different, you want BeatsX in gray.

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Who should get BeatsX in blue?

BeatsX in blue

If color is your thing you can skip Beats X in black, gray, or white and go for Beats X in blue. It's not a deep navy or royal blue but a cooler, almost cerulean blue.

BeatsX in blue will stand out simply because color stands out. But it won't jump out, not the way deep yellow or Product (RED) would. It's a splash of color rather than a flood.

So, if you want color but you still want to be chill about it, you want BeatsX in blue.

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What color BeatsX are you getting?

If you still can't decide what color BeatsX to get, close your eyes, picture yourself wearing a pair, and then go with the first color that came to mind. Also, remember if you get one color and decide you don't like it, and your local store has stock, you might be able to exchange it for another.

If you're still not sure which color BeatsX you want to get, or have any other questions, drop them in the comments below!

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