What color Sonos should you get?

Like a lot of audio equipment, Sonos defaults to black. It's a color that fades into the background and lets the sound be the star. You can get some of the components now in white, if that's the look you prefer. But there are also a couple other options you can consider.


Almost everything comes in black for a reason — it's the most popular color for almost every product. That's because it works with everything else. It's a canvas that you can add anything else to without risk of it clashing or overpowering the rest.

So, if you want audio equipment that disappears into the shadows of your shelves or the back of your TV cabinet, you want Sonos in black.


Sonos speakers also come in white now. That's not traditional and not something that fades into the background. On the contrary, that's something that stands out.

And that's entirely the point. If you want your speakers to be on display and to get the attention you think they deserve, you'll want to get them in white.


Oh, yes. You may not be able to find the actual Sonos speakers in anything but black or white (they released a limited-edition blue Play:1 a while back, but only 4,100), but you can certainly add some flair with a speaker cover!

Swiss design company, ColorYourSound has come up with a brilliant alternative to the monochromatic Sonos design. They've developed covers for all of the Sonos products, which do not hinder performance or sound quality.

The ColorYourSound covers come in a variety of colors, as well as various prints, so that you can match every Sonos speaker you have to the room it's in.

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Flexson ColourPlay Colour Skins

While ColorYourSound may be the only company that makes covers for your Sonos speakers, Flexson, a UK-based company that specializes in accessories for Sonos, has created the ColourPlay Colour skins for your Sonos Connect, Sub, Play:1, and Play:3.

The skins vary in color, based on availability, but are usually available in blue, pink, red, yellow, and purple, as well as black, for the Connect.

The ColourPlay skins are definitely an inexpensive alternative to the ColorYourSound covers, at around £10 or $15.

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That's all fine and dandy, but what color should I buy?

Color doesn't have anything to do with the overall sound quality, so there's nothing to talk about in that respect. All you have to consider is style.

  • If you want your speakers to fade into the background, stick with black.
  • If you want your speakers to stand out, go for white.
  • If you want your speakers to really get attention, add some color with a skin.
Mick Symons

Mick is a staff writer who's as frugal as they come, so he always does extensive research (much to the exhaustion of his wife) before making a purchase. If it's not worth the price, Mick ain't buying.