What colors come with the Philips Hue Go?

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What colors come with the Philips Hue Go?

Best answer: By default, the Hue Go has seven different colors preset: Daylight, soft white, Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. When connected to the Hue Bridge, you can use the Hue app or Home app to add 16 million colors (including custom scenes!).Amazon: Philips Hue Go ($80)

Hue Go is colorful right out of the box — no Bridge required!

This bowl-shaped portable light has seven preset colors right out of the box. You don't need a Hue Bridge to turn it on or off or to switch between the seven colors.

  • Daylight - Bright white.
  • Soft white - Pinkish-yellow light, dimmer than Daylight but still bright enough to light a dark room.
  • Cozy Candle - Dynamic dim orange hues that flicker.
  • Sunday Coffee - Dynamic pink and orange hues that change every few seconds.
  • Meditation - Dynamic blue hues that subtly change to blue-green.
  • Enchanted Forest - Dynamic green hues that subtly change to yellow-green.
  • Night Adventure - Dynamic purple and pink hues that change every few seconds.

There's a small button on the bottom of the light that you can press to change to a different color. When you press and hold the button, it turns the light off.

16 million colors are better than seven

The Hue Go light is a stand-alone portable light that doesn't require any sort of smart connectivity. However, you can get so much more out of this ambient lighting fixture if you connect it to a Hue Bridge.

Once connected, you can access the Hue Go color settings in the Hue app and use the color picker to change the color shade and brightness. You can even select from Hue's preset scenes or create your own. Group your Hue Go with your other Hue lights (or by itself) and set it to change colors in sync with your movies or music.

Hue Go is also compatible with HomeKit, so you can add it to the Home app and ask Siri to set the mood (as long as it's connected to a Bridge).

Even though you can play around with seven unique colors — five of them being dynamic color-changing lights — you really get the most out of the Go by connecting it to a Hue Bridge.

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