What colors does the Vivosmart HR come in?

So, you're thinking about buying the VivoSmart HR and you're wondering what colors it comes in. Like most fitness trackers on the market, it comes in the standard colors of black, imperial purple, and midnight blue.

An important consideration if you have larger wrists is that Garmin only offers a larger size option in black. Let's take a peek at each of the color choices.


in color black

Here's an interesting fact about the color black that you probably didn't know: a black cat crossing your path is bad luck everywhere except for England, where it is good luck. Trust those Brits to thumb their noses at the rest of the world!

That's great, you say, but what does all this have to do with the Vivosmart HR? Well, one of the colors it comes in is black. Also, you get two choices of sizes in this color: regular and extra large. It is the only color in which this Garmin tracker is offered in both sizes.

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Imperial purple

in color imperial purple

Purple is the color of royalty. In fact, the Roman emperors, Julius Caesar and Augustus made it illegal for anyone except the emperor to wear it! Another interesting fact about purple is that it is the most powerful wavelength in the rainbow, second only to x-rays and gamma rays

One of the colors the Vivosmart HR comes in is, according to Garmin's website, "imperial purple." Given the link between the color and royalty, the naming is pretty accurate. Unfortunately, the purples Vivosmart HR only comes in one size, regular.

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Midnight blue

in color midnight blue

Blue is almost a universally well-liked color; it is the first choice for favorite color among people across the globe. 53 percent of national flags contain blue and it is the most common color for corporate identity.

One reason why this might be is that, especially for the darker shades of blue, the color conveys trust, intelligence, and authority.

Garmin offers the Vivosmart HR in "midnight blue," but only one size in this color: regular.

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Pick your color

Since you're the one who has to look at the tracker on your wrist every day, it makes sense for you to choose the color that's most pleasing to you. Whether you decide to rock it in black or you enjoy feeling powerful in imperial purple, wearing a Vivosmart HR is an important step toward a fitter and healthier you.

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