The Withings Move is a fantastic entry-level fitness tracker that can track your calories, steps per day, sleeping habits, and even go for a swim with you. With its swap-able colorful silicone bands, and different color watch faces, the Withings Move is currently being sold in five different color combinations.

Black & Yellow Gold: Withings Move

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This almost all black look features a black band, black case, black dial, and a yellow gold activity hand for a splash color. It's a classic color scheme that won't draw too much attention. If you're looking for something understated, this is it.

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White & Sea Blue: Withings Move

Featuring a blue band, white case, white dial, and sea blue activity hand, the White & Sea Blue color scheme is a light and bright look that isn't too flashy.

$70 at Amazon

White & Coral: Withings Move

Another bright look, the White & Coral Withings Move has a coral band, white case, white dial, and coral activity hand to tie it all in together. While the overall scheme isn't too flashy, the coral color will likely stand out a little more.

$70 at Amazon

Black & Mint: Withings Move

The black case and black dial keep this look fairly dark; however, the mint green band along with matching activity hand lend a slightly more bold look than the standard all-black version.

$70 at Amazon

White, Black, & Mint: Withings Move

Featuring a burst of color thanks to the mint green band and activity and a high contrast look because of the white dial and black case, the White, Black, & Mint is stylish, bold, and classy.

$70 at Amazon

Customized colors: Withings Move

You can't order them yet, but Withing plans on letting you design your own Withings Move by allowing you to choose the colors and patterns of the different parts. No word on if any options (like the special speckled watch dial shown above) will cost any extra, and no official date on when you can order your customize colors. For now, you can head to the Withings site and create your own and see what combinations you can come up with.

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Buying it now means limited color selection

The Withings Move is made from durable and sporty materials like silicone and plastic, so you never have to fear when you're running, hiking, or swimming. When it comes to color selection today, you're only going to get the five pre-made color schemes you see listed above. We don't have a timeline on when Withings will allow you to order the custom color combinations, but browsing through the "build your own" section on their website, you'll have way more options if you feel like waiting.

While color is obviously a personal preference, I think the Black & Yellow Gold version looks really sharp; however, the White, Black, & Mint color scheme is a little more bold if you want your tracker to stand out.

Of course, all of this is superficial and if you've been looking for a fantastic activity tracker that look like a more traditional watch, and you don't want to spend too much, the Withings move is an excellent buy right now or later!

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