The Withings Move is a fantastic entry-level fitness tracker that can track your calories, steps per day, sleeping habits, and even go for a swim with you. With its swappable bands and different color watch faces, the Withings Move is currently being sold in a range of color combinations. There are two main off-the-shelf collections, "Basic Essentials," which offer five different faces and a variety of silicone bands, and "Timeless Chic," which gives you a metallic watch case and the option of different wristbands. However, Withings also offers a wide range of replacement wristbands, which means you have hundreds and hundreds of possible combinations. We're visualizing some of the different options so you can choose your perfect Move solution.

Withings Move Basic Black Yellow

Black & Yellow Gold: Withings Move Basic Essentials

Staff Pick

This almost all-black look features a black band, black case, black dial, and a yellow gold activity hand for a splash color. It's a classic color scheme that won't draw too much attention. If you're looking for something understated, this is it.

Withings Move Basic White Sea Blue

White & Sea Blue: Withings Move Basic Essentials

This classic combination brings a nautical feel. It features a bold, blue band, elegant white case, easy-to-read white dial, and a sea blue activity hand. The White & Sea Blue color scheme is a light and bright look that isn't too flashy.

Withings Move Basic White Coral

White & Coral: Withings Move Basic Essentials

Another fresh, bright look, the White & Coral Withings Move, has a coral band, white case, white dial, and coral activity hand to tie it all in together. While the overall scheme isn't too flashy, the unusual coral color will likely stand out a little more.

Withings Move Basic Black Mint

Black & Mint: Withings Move Basic Essentials

The sophisticated black case and black dial keep this combination looking fairly dark; however, the mint green wristband along with matching green activity hand lend a slightly more interesting and colorful look than the standard all-black version.

$70 at Amazon
White, Black, and Mint

White, Black, & Mint: Withings Move Basic Essentials

This is an interesting mix of colors that will stand out. Featuring a burst of color thanks to the mint green band and activity hand and a high contrast look because of the white dial and black case, the White, Black, & Mint is stylish, bold, and classy.

Withings Move Timeless Black Silver

Black & Silver: Withings Move Timeless Chic

You'd struggle to get more classically simple than a monotone black and silver look. This "Timeless Chic" option gets a silver-colored stainless steel case, a minimalist black band, metal watch arms, and a matching metal activity hand.

$100 at Withings
Withings Move Timeless White Silver

White & Silver: Withings Move Timeless Chic

Echoing the nautical looks of the White & Sea Blue option from the Basic Essentials collection, this White & Silver option gets an upgrade with a stainless steel metal case, arms, and activity hand. It looks really great paired with a darker blue strap.

$100 at Withings
Withings Move Timeless Blue Rose Gold

Blue & Rose Gold: Withings Move Timeless Chic

For a premium price, you can choose a Withings Move that's had the Midas touch with this Rose Gold option. The elegant gold-colored metal looks very sophisticated, paired with a dark blue face. As you'd expect, the hands and arm are gold too.

Withings Move Silicone Bands

Silicone Collection: Withings Move Replacement Wristbands

The Withings Move wristband is an industry-standard 18mm quick release strap, so you can easily swap out your original for a replacement. Withings offers an extensive range of silicone bands so that you can find the perfect shade for you.

Withings Replacement Band

Sports Band: Withings Move Replacement Wristbands

Bridging the gap between the durability and practicality of a silicone strap, and the smartness of a traditional leather option, these two "nectarine" and navy woven wristbands from Withings are classed as "Sports Bands," but offer a smart casual appearance.

From $32 at Amazon
Withings Move Leather Bands

Leather Collection: Withings Move Replacement Wristbands

There is also an official range made from premium leather with various colored metal buckles available. You could opt for a sporty silicone strap during the day, and a more sophisticated leather version to better suit your evening attire.

Withings Move Metal Bands

Metal Collection: Withings Move Replacement Wristbands

If you've opted for a Timeless Chic face, you can change the strap for an official Withings metal version. There are two main designs, the fine mesh Milanese, or the chunkier Oyster Metal Link, both available in gold- and silver-colored versions.

The possibilities are endless...

As you now know, the Withings Move is available in a vast range of colors, and a choice of materials, too, with silicone, leather, and metal in the mix. Our overall Staff Pick, the Black & Yellow Gold, is in the silicone camp, offering a practical option in a classic color scheme.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, then do consider the Withings Move Timeless Chic collection. These, like our favorite the Blue & Rose Gold, get metal watch cases and hands, for a classy look and feel.

The fact you can buy official replacement straps for your Withings Move means if you do fancy glamming things up with a metal or leather band more suited to evening wear, you can. Similarly, the official Silicone Collection of alternative plastic straps are great to quickly swap on for sports and exercise.

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