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What you need to know

  • The Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch Hermès is currently unavailable.
  • The watch can be configured via the Apple Watch Studio.
  • But it can't be added to the cart.

If you had a Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch Hermès on your holiday wishlist, you might have to think again. At the time of writing it appears impossible to order that particular watch from Apple's online store. The same appears to be the case at multiple online Apple stores around the world, too.

The oddity was first spotted by Apple Insider over the weekend and the situation remains the same at the time of writing.

Apple watch stockSource: iMore

It isn't clear why this is the case, but I would assume that it is only a temporary situation. If the product had been discontinued it wouldn't appear on Apple's site at all, although the fact that there is no expected delivery window at all – and you can't actually add the watch to your cart – is somewhat odd. There doesn't appear to be stock at any of the local stores I checked, either.

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There are of course plenty of other options to choose from, including standard Space Black Apple Watches. But if you wanted a Hermès-branded one you might have to hang fire for a little while. Hopefully whatever is going wrong will be ironed out sooner rather than later.

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