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Best answer: Eero Secure includes everything that you need to ensure a safe online experience for everyone in your home. Features include parental controls, ad blocking, threat scans, and content filters. The Secure+ tier adds in some of the leading security apps and services like a VPN.

What is Eero Secure?

Eero Secure is a subscription service for all models of Eero routers. The service has two different pricing tiers and both offer enhanced security features and parental controls.

The basic Eero Secure service costs just $2.99 a month, and the top tier Secure+ comes in at $9.99 a month. You can save a little money by purchasing a yearly subscription, saving around $5 for Secure, and close to $20 for Secure+. Additional savings can be found directly from Eero in the form of coupon codes every once in a while.

What comes with Eero Secure?

Eero Secure and Secure+ come with the ability to create family profiles for each member of your home. A profile includes assigning all of one's devices to a family member, enabling the ability to pause internet access on demand, or on a schedule. Safe filters can be applied to all devices as well, which prevent access to inappropriate websites and content.

Adblocking and security threat scans also come with both levels of Eero Secure. In the Eero app, you will have access to an overview of your household's traffic, showing the number of scans made per device, and a breakdown of content that is blocked. For privacy, Eero only shows this data in numerical form; no browsing history is included.

Do I have to enable these features on every device?

No! Since all these options apply at the router level, a simple toggle is all that it takes, no more tracking down everyone's devices to set it all up. You can turn on these features at any time as well.

Which apps do I get access to with Secure+?

The upgraded Eero Secure+ service comes with a suite of apps that can boost the level of security for you and your family. One of which is the popular anti-virus app, Malwarebytes, which works on up to three of your family's devices.

A free subscription to the VPN service,, also comes with Eero Secure+, which is handy for those times where you just have to use public Wi-Fi. Last but not least is a subscription to 1Password which is good for up to five accounts in your household. This password manager safely stores all of your passwords in one place, making them easy to find when needed.

Our pick

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Eero Secure+

Extra security

Eero Secure+ not only gives you access to advanced security features, but it also includes some handy extras. One of which is a VPN for up to five accounts through

Mesh for most

Eero WiFi System 3 Pack

Eero WiFi System

Fast and reliable

The Eero WiFi System is simply one of the best mesh networking routers around due to its easy setup, fast speeds, and large coverage area. If you are looking for an upgrade, it should definitely be on your list.

King of speed

Eero Pro WiFi System 3-Pack

Eero Pro WiFi System

The fastest Eero

The Eero Pro WiFi System combines everything great with the basic Eero with a dedicated radio that allows each node to talk directly to each other. This makes the Pro system capable of reaching speeds up to a whopping 1Gpbs over Wi-Fi.

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