What to spend your Nintendo Switch gift cards on

Among Us Cover
Among Us Cover (Image credit: Innersloth)

Nintendo Switch gift cards are probably the best presents you can get since they allow you to purchase any of the best Nintendo Switch games that you currently have your eye on. There are hundreds if not thousands of titles on the Nintendo eShop, so it can be hard to know what to spend Switch gift cards on. Here are our favorite picks for what to spend your Switch gift cards on. By the way, we can also help you know how to redeem Nintendo Switch gift cards if you aren't sure how to do that.

What to spend Switch gift cards on

If you've only got enough Switch gift card money for one game, we highly recommend using it on Among Us. This fun social deduction game is cross-platform, meaning you can play with friends even if they're playing on another Switch, PC, or on their smartphones. It can host up to 10 players and have everyone hooting and hollering as they try to discover who the imposters are. Additionally, it's super inexpensive compared to other options.

My absolute favorite game on the Switch is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game breaks new ground and does things no Zelda game ever has done before, including creating a truly open world, voice acting, and allowing you to tame wild horses. There's so much to do and discover, and you can do it in any order you want. You could even try to take on the end boss right from the start wearing only your underwear and wielding a stick. It's a highly entertaining game with plenty of replay value.

If you're looking for something to enjoy with a friend, I cannot recommend Untitled Goose Game enough. You and a friend play as a geese pair who just want to cause chaos for people in a town. Steal items from a restaurant, drop someone's keys into the river. It's sure to get you and your friend laughing.

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