When it comes to enterprise or business services, most IT administrators seek stability and availability when evaluating their options. Companies may try to lure new customers with "shiny and new" software with the latest bells and whistles, but administrators will likely pass in lieu of incremental updates to already-reliable and established programs.

macOS Server is reliable, established, and stable, but I'd still like to see a few new features in its next release. Here are a few of my top wish list items!

More DHCP server configuration options

The macOS Server DHCP service only offers a global client configuration; these days, I can set up a DHCP server on nearly any home router or PC nowadays that does that, too. Instead, I'd like to see Apple add a per-client configuration option so that if there are gateway and DNS requirements, users can set them individually (if need be) at the server level.

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Get rid of FTP service (and add SFTP service configuration instead)

FTP is an insecure, clear-text, unencrypted, and outdated file transfer method — in short, it should go away. Its successor, SFTP, uses SSH underpinnings for similar transfer speeds and capabilities, but in a secure and encrypted format. Although you can get SFTP to work via your Mac's command line, I'd like to see macOS Server's current FTP wizard superseded with a replacement (and much preferable) SFTP wizard.

Enable tighter integration of internet-facing services with third-party providers

The macOS Server application attempts to provide a one-stop shop for your service needs. But when enabling a mail service, for example, users still need to find a third-party hostname provider if they want the mail server to be accessible via a domain name (or have valid email addresses).

Instead, let's imagine a Server setup wizard that offered options like integrated providers. This could both speed up and secure the process, letting users get started with a hostname provider and pay for their services from within the application. I'm not arguing that users should be barred from supplying our own hostname provider — but for those in need of a quick and easy setup, this would be most welcome.

Allow for finer detailed configuration options in the macOS Server configuration wizard

Creating a website server, a DNS server and a mail server on macOS Server is incredibly simple when compared to setting up these services using configuration files from days of old, but those files allowed for incredible fine-tuning and custom settings. Having a wizard that would take you through every single permutation would be, of course, ridiculous. But if macOS Server allowed users to create advanced configuration options from within the wizard — such as opening a simple text editor for editing configuration files — that would be great.

What's your list?

What would you like to see added to macOS Server for High Sierra? Let us know in the comments!