Where to buy Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite: These retailers have stock available now

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite (Image credit: Nintendo)

You've no doubt heard of the difficulty people are having finding toilet paper on store shelves lately, and while there are a few other obvious items that you'll have trouble locating with the coronavirus on the rise, one product you may not have expected to completely disappear is the Nintendo Switch.

Whether you're searching your local Walmart or online stores like Amazon and Best Buy, you'd be lucky to find any in stock. You could keep clicking refresh and pray they return soon, but an even better idea is to set your sights on the more affordable (and still available) Nintendo Switch Lite.

While it's surprising to see the standard Nintendo Switch sold out everywhere, it's easy to understand just why everyone is running to grab one right now. The console is home to some of the best Nintendo games ever made, and it's a perfect pick up for someone who's planning on being trapped inside for a couple of weeks. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch Lite is still available and the next best thing.

Where to buy toilet paper: These retailers still have stock available

The Nintendo Switch Lite can play all the same games that the Nintendo Switch plays, though it's $100 less expensive than the standard console — in part because the Nintendo Switch Lite is designed as a handheld console while the original Nintendo Switch is built to connect to your TV so you can play it on the big screen as well. The original Nintendo Switch also has detachable Joy-Con controllers whereas the Lite model has them built-in.

Shop Nintendo Switch at Best Buy

Best Buy is usually one of the easiest places to locate the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock, though with recent changes to store policy during the coronavirus outbreak, Best Buy no longer allows customers to shop inside the store for the time being. Instead, choose delivery to have it shipped to your home or curbside pickup to go and grab your new console today.

Shop Nintendo Switch at Walmart

Walmart might be an easier place to shop for the Nintendo Switch Lite, especially if you're already planning on taking a trip there for a curbside pickup order or to grab some groceries inside. Even if you're planning on shopping online, which you should considering how important social distancing is right now, Walmart has the full line of Nintendo Switch Lite consoles available for purchase currently.

Shop Nintendo Switch at Target

Just like the retailrs above, Target has stores spread throughout the United States to help get the Nintendo Switch Lite in your hands tonight. Some of the colorways are available for in-store pickup, and in some areas Target offers a new drive-up service so you don't have to get out of your car.

Shop Nintendo Switch at GameStop

Though the video game-focused retailer initially tried its hardest to remain open and classify itself as an "essential business", it has since closed its doors to the public and moved strictly to online delivery and curbside pickup orders. While you won't find the standard Nintendo Switch in stock, all four models of the Nintendo Switch Lite are currently available for the time being.

We'll continue to update this list as we see availability on the console at other retailers. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can check here before buying one second-hand, and once you've finally purchased one, don't forget to take a look at this list of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2020 for some ideas on what to play first.

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