The Nintendo Switch Lite is a beautiful piece of tech. The only thing that could make it even better is a touch of personality. Lucky for us, the Switch Lite comes in a few different color options, including a design featuring one of the console's most anticipated games. Of course, that kind of variety can make it challenging to pick one. So, if you're wondering, "which color Switch Lite should I buy," we've written a few details about each hue available for the Nintendo Switch Lite to help you decide.

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All Switch Lite Colors

Pikachu yellow: Nintendo Switch Lite: Yellow

Staff favorite

The Switch Lite is a handheld alternative to the Nintendo Switch, smaller in size, and doesn't support any other mode but handheld. This yellow color is pretty electrifying and will stand out so vividly, there's no way that you'll lose it.

$200 at Amazon

A soothing color: Nintendo Switch Lite: Turquoise

With the turquoise color, it's hard to imagine being any more relaxed while playing games on your Switch Lite. It's not too hard on the eyes, and if turquoise is your favorite color, then why wouldn't you get it?

$200 at Amazon

Bright n' happy: Nintendo Switch Lite: Coral

The newest Switch Lite color is a beautiful pastel pink. Whether you're a huge fan of rosey hues or simply want something bright and happy-looking, the coral Switch Lite is a great option.

$200 at Amazon

Say hey to gray: Nintendo Switch Lite: Gray

Like turquoise, this color isn't too loud, and if you just want a console that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. The gray is a nice neutral, so if you want a sleek look, this is the one for you!

$200 at Amazon

For Pokémon fans: Nintendo Switch Lite: Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

The Zacian and Zamazenta edition of the Switch Lite will make everything worth it, especially when playing the new Pokémon game. Who doesn't want two furry doggies on the back of your Switch Lite? It has more personality than the other models. However, since this is a special version, it's a lot harder to find. You'll likely need to spend a pretty penny above the MSRP to acquire it.

$238 at Amazon

Mellow yellow: our favorite is shocking

Nintendo Switch Lite YellowSource: Nintendo

Personally, this is my favorite color for the Switch Lite, and this is coming from someone who never grew out of the teenage goth phase. It's just a pleasant color, and if you don't like the Pokémon design on the Pokémon Nintendo Switch Lite, you can always pretend that this is a Pikachu color. Just add a few red stickers and a tail, and voila!, your own Pikachu Lite! Or, if you're just fond of the color yellow, that's cool too!

Nintendo Switch Lite: Yellow

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld alternative to the Nintendo Switch, smaller in size, but with more efficient battery life. This console color is a nice, energetic yellow that'll make all the Pikachus you know super jealous.

It's blue for you!

Nintendo Switch Lite TurquoiseSource: Nintendo

Turquoise is great for many reasons, but probably the most important one is that it's the best color in the world. It's nice, soothing, and reminds me of the ocean. So, if you want to feel soothed and good about yourself? Then yeah, the turquoise color is pretty great.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Turquoise

The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't have the same docked capabilities as the Nintendo Switch, but it more than makes up for it with its great battery life and soothing turquoise color. It helps if you prefer to play your games handheld, too.

Pretty in pink

Nintendo Switch Lite CoralSource: Nintendo

We've seen the bright, sunny yellow and the ocean-colored turquoise Switch Lite, so now that we've been above the waves, it's time to dive into the water and look at this gorgeous coral-colored Switch. The vibrant hue reminds one of a happy day like a trip to the beach. This is the perfect Switch for anyone who loves pink or bright colors.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Coral

This smaller Switch feels great in your hands and looks gorgeous too. It can only be used in handheld mode, but you can purchase additional Joy-Cons if you wish to play local multiplayer games with friends.

Neutral and cool

Nintendo Switch Lite GraySource: Nintendo

Despite what may look to be a dull color, the gray Nintendo Switch Lite isn't all that bad. It's a color that isn't too bright without being completely dull, either. Instead, it's a neutral color, demanding nothing but your time and attention to play the video games you want and nothing else in between.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Gray

Because the Switch Lite is a handheld console, you'll need to buy Joy-Cons if you want to play a game that has motion controls. However, it also weighs a lot less than a regular Switch, making it perfect for handheld gaming. The color of this console is a neutral gray color.

Pokémon lovers only

Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Zacian ZamazentaSource: Nintendo

There is a lot to like about this color for the Switch Lite. One, the combination of pink and blue is just so, so good. If I didn't already have a yellow Switch Lite, then Zacian and Zamazenta would already be in my basket, waiting patiently for me to purchase it. Once again, this is a special edition, and as such, it's hard to find. If you really want it, then you might have to resort to purchasing it secondhand.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

The Nintendo Switch Lite was made with the handheld in mind, which, if we're honest, is going to be the perfect way to enjoy Pokémon Sword and Shield. With this Switch Lite, you'll have pink-and-blue Joy-Con sticks, as well as a blue D-Pad and pink buttons.

Can't find the color you want? Consider a silicone cover!

Nintendo Switch Lite Silicone Case TurquoiseSource: Heatfun

It's been incredibly hard to find the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock and selling at its regular price. If you've got your heart set on a specific color but can only find other colors available, then there's a simple solution. Purchase the Switch Lite color that's available and then purchase a silicone cover to change its hue, like how the Yellow Switch Lite above has a Turquoise case cover.

Switch Lite Silicone Case Colors

Sea wrap: Heatfun Nintendo Switch Lite Grip Case - Turquoise

Staff favorite

Change up the color of your Switch Lite with this protective silicone case. It comes in eight different colors and can easily be installed or removed from the Switch Lite.

$14 at Amazon

A vibrant new hue: Heatfun Nintendo Switch Lite Grip Case - Purple

Looking for unique Switch Lite colors? This gorgeous purple case lets you turn your Switch Lite into a color that Nintendo doesn't currently offer, and man, does it look good!

$15 at Amazon

You are my sunshine: Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow Silicone Case

Can't find a happy yellow Switch Lite anywhere? This bright case will cover the casing and give it that golden daffodil look you're going for.

$10 at Amazon

A formal gent: Nintendo Switch Lite Silicone Case - Gray

Looking for a calm, down-to-earth color? This gray silicone case has a distinguished feel and easily slips on and off the Switch Lite.

$10 at Amazon

Heartfelt: Nintendo Switch Lite Silicone Case - Coral Pink

Looking for that pretty in pink Switch Lite color? This soft silicone case will wrap up any Switch Lite version you've got and give it that happy look you're going for.

$9 at Amazon

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