When it comes to a wearable device, you don't want something that's only going to do one type of thing. If you're going to wear a fitness band, why shouldn't it also tell you the time? The good news is that there are plenty of fitness trackers that do just that, making it easy to keep up with both your fitness stats and the time of day.

The Fitbit to get

Fitbit Inspire & Inspire HR

Staff Favorite

Two of Fitbit's latest fitness trackers, the Inspire and Inspire HR offer affordable fitness tracking and versatility. The Inspire HR features heart rate monitor, which enables monitoring of your heart rate, overall cardio health, goal-based exercise modes, and more. You can customize the display with a number of different clock faces.

From $70 at Fitbit

A step up

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a more advanced offering than the Inspire HR, featuring a more advanced heart rate monitor and better sensors for things like automatic activity and swim tracking. Like the Inspire, you can customize the clock faces on the Charge 3.

$150 at Fitbit

Good budget option

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

A great budget option that includes 50 meter water resistance, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, step counting, and more. Also lets you see your notifications, even letting you reject calls on some phones.

$34 at Amazon

For the adventurers

Garmin Vívosport

The Vívosport is a small, rugged fitness band that keeps track of all of your vital stats, including heart rate, steps taken, and your various workouts. It also features all-day stress tracking, you in touch with your body's response to various sources of stress.

From $130 at Amazon

Slim and sporty

Garmin Vívosmart 4

A sleek fitness tracker, the Garmin Vívosmart 4 puts some style in your fitness routine with a selection of excellent band colors: berry, black, rose gold, and azure. Tracks stress, heart rate, and various activities.

$130 at Amazon

Battery for (365) days

Garmin Vívofit 4

The Vívofit 4 tracks steps, calories burned, and sleep, offering a personalized daily step goal. While it doesn't have heart rate monitoring, it does have a battery that Garmin claims should last more than a year.

$80 at Amazon

Big beautiful display

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung's Gear Fit 2 Pro features a bigger display than the other trackers on this list, one with unsurprisingly vibrant colors so you can easily see the time whenever you need to. Available in Diamond Red and Liquid Black color schemes.

$155 at Amazon

All of these fitness trackers let you view the time as well as your fitness stats. Given that Fitbit has been on top of the fitness band game for forever and a day, I'd be inclined to pick up the new Fitbit Inspire HR. Though not quite as advanced as the Charge 3, the Inspire HR features the sensors to do what I need it to do at a much lower price than Fitbit's more advanced trackers.

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