Best answer: For most people the Roomba 690 will be the best choice. It's $50 more than the base model but it includes a Virtual Wall Barrier to block off rooms you don't want to be cleaned. If you want to spend the money, the e5 is the better of the high-end models.

Let the robot get it

The Roomba brand has been one of the best-rated brand of robot vacuums for a few years now. iRobot was one of the first companies to come out with a robotic vacuum cleaner and now it's the go-to choice for a lot of families.

It's no secret that its feature-packed, reliable line of vacuums make it a whole lot easier to keep your home clean. With the ability to intelligently detect where your walls, furniture, and clutter is located within your home, the Roomba can successfully clean an entire room without you having to touch it.

The best value

There a quite a few models to choose from and it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the options, especially when the prices can begin to push towards the thousands of dollars.

The 690 is one of the best robot vacuums you can buy

Thankfully iRobot does offer quite a lot of features in its lower-priced models. The two models at the beginning of uts lineup, the 675 and the 690 do most of the same things.

Really the only difference is that the 690 includes a Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier that essentially acts like a, well, virtual wall. It's designed to help keep your Roomba out of rooms that you'd rather it not venture off into if there's no physical wall to stop it. For an extra 50 bucks and a starting price of $350, it's well worth the buy.

The best for pets

If you are constantly losing the never-ending war against pet hair, then you might want to look at the Roomba e5 model. For a $100 more than the 690, the e5 offers greater suction power and is better suited for cleaning up after your four-legged children. Unfortunately, it only cleans up hair, for now, so you'll still need something for those stains. It also offers a washable dirt bin which is super helpful.

Our pick

Roomba 690

The best value

Having long been the workhorse of the Roomba line, the 690 works on carpet and hard floors, can be managed and scheduled from your smartphone, and does it all at a fair price.

A strong runner-up

Roomba e5

The best for pets

For only $100 more than the 690, the e5 is more powerful and is better suited to cleaning up after your pets.

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