Why can't I share a Reminders list directly from my iPhone or iPad?

I use Apple's Reminders app to keep track of all kinds of things — to-dos I need to complete, items I need to pick up at the grocery store, movies I want to watch, and more. I can create reminders using Siri and, thanks to iCloud, I can access them on my iPhone, iPad or Mac. It's almost a perfect solution. There's just one feature I'd really love to see Apple add to the Reminders app in iOS 8 — the ability to share reminder lists right from my iPhone and iPad.

I have many lists inside Reminders that I've created over the past several years. I use Fantastical on my iPhone and both of my Macs. Since there isn't an iPad version of Fantastical yet, I stick with the stock Reminders app there. Both sync back and forth perfectly and for the most part I have no complaints. Regardless what app I use to create a reminder or list in, they play nicely together and sync my stuff with little effort on my part.

While many of my lists only need to be accessed by me there are times when I need to share lists with other people, whether it be a shopping list, a kitchen remodeling checklist, or a packing list for vacation. Some are permanent and live within the Reminders app while others come and go with specific events and projects.

Currently the only way to do that — to share a Reminder list — is from the Mac or from iCloud.com. And that's just not very convenient. My iPhone is with me everywhere I go. That's the single best place for me to not only create lists and add items, but to share them on the go. That I can create lists but not share them from iOS makes it even more perplexing.

It also makes me wonder — how many people that don't have Macs or don't log into iCloud.com even realize they are able to share Reminders lists?

Features need to be where the users are and for Reminders, an app that started off on the iPhone and iPad, that's where sharing needs to be!

Anyone else frustrated that Reminders lists can't be shared from the iPhone or iPad?

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.