Why I'm still saying no to the Apple Watch

Apple's finally revealed the Apple Watch. I said before that I wasn't really interested in an Apple Watch. I haven't changed my mind, but I am more interested. Here's why.

In 2001, Apple introduced the PowerBook G4. With it came an entirely new design language - gone were the bulbous, organic shapes of the old PowerBook. In its place was a lighter, much thinner laptop crafted from titanium. And the day I got my PowerBook G4, not coincidentally, is the day I stopped wearing a wristwatch.

I realized the second I laid hands on it that I'd have to take my wristwatch off — it was uncomfortable, but I also ran the risk of scratching up the beautiful metal top case of the PowerBook. Somewhere shortly thereafter I got my first personal cell phone, and stopped wearing a watch all together. After all, the phone had a clock on it (so did my Mac), so I didn't really need one. I haven't worn a watch since.

A few years ago I noticed people getting these wearable wristbands that help them track fitness telemetry. Devices that measured how long they slept, how long they exercised, how much they moved. That definitely wasn't for me — it just seemed like another thing to get distracted by, another thing to lose, another thing to break, and I wasn't up for that. The Pebble, Samsung Gear and other smartwatches have slowly been populating the landscape, as well.

Ever since rumors first emerged that Apple was working on a watch, I've been asked if I would get one, and I've said no. My answer has been qualified by a lack of understanding, or more precisely, a lack of imagination, about what it would do. I certainly didn't want Apple to recreate either the Pebble or the Fitbit.

The Apple Watch is fundamentally a different device than we've seen before. It's certainly gorgeously designed; available in a variety of styles to suit different tastes; and capable of doing much, much more thanks to a clever user interface. I'm sure developers are going to hop on board and produce thousands of apps that will run on it, so I won't even venture a guess about what people will be doing with them a year or two after it's launched in 2015.

Apple talked during its demonstration today about how the Apple Watch reduces the barrier to communication — you can quickly respond to texts with snippets, dictated text, emoji, drawings and heartbeats. That's great if you're one of those people who spends a lot of time with their face buried in their phone. But if you're not, that quicker access to communication has limited utility.

Having an infinitely reconfigurable watch face certainly has appeal to some gadget fans, but if I want to know the phase of the moon, I can just look outside, and the relative position of the planets in the solar system is, quite frankly, of trivial importance to me, at best. Of course, I'm minimizing what the watch can do. But I'm still unsatisfied that it will do anything that I absolutely need. Something that I can't possibly do another way.

My first reaction on seeing the Apple Watch was that familiar feeling of anticipation and longing for a new gadget. Sure, I could envision myself wearing it. It'd be cool, especially if my wife and I both got them. But the more I've been thinking about it, the more ambivalent I am about the watch. Sure, it looks cool, but do I really need one? The answer is no.

The bottom line is that I'm still not satisfied that Apple is delivering something with the Apple Watch that is really going to make my life better, to the tune of $350 or more. At least not on day one. But then again, day one is still at least a few months away, so I reserve the right to change my mind. But until then, the answer is still no.

  • To be able to have visual music controls, notifications full of information (i.e complete messages & emails ... The fact I can action them is a bonus) and step by step maps all on my wrist so I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket every 3mi s is exactly why I've been waiting on a "watch" I've been wanting one a while. I toyed with the idea of getting a Pebble but I don't like the display and it doesn't do e everything I want. I love some of the recent Android watches but I am fully immersed in the Apple eco system. The Apple watch is everything I want and more. Being able to measure the amount of movement & walking I do each day I have no doubt will encourage me to do more and I already wear a watch so it won't be anything extra or new for me to put on. I also like the simple design. I'm sure it will improve overtime, in both design & functionality but I'm really pleased with what they announced.
  • I refuse to believe anyone is actually pleased with a $350 price tag.
  • $350 for the smallest one with a hot pick, rubber strap! Gonna xost you $450 by the time you get one you'll wear!
  • $250 for a moto 360 isn't looking quite so bad now. Posted via iMore App
  • Except, ya know, it's Android only (as far as I know).
  • You gotta laugh tho when Ive described that rubber watch band (which we've all seen on a million other watches), as a "carefully selected elastomer," or whatever the phrase was. :-) That guy would call Peanut Butter ... "an exotic nut pureé"
  • True
  • That's too funny!! Sent from the iMore App
  • ROFL
  • I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Sure it could be cheaper like Android devices are, but we always pay a premium for Apple for it's software services and aftermarket care.
  • A premium would have been $250. That's what the Moto 360 offers. $350 (at minimum) is basically Apple revealing they don't have the economy of scale and do not expect it to sell well. They will take advantage of the special few who will buy it and hope to profit via a high price tag.
  • After today, the 360 and Premium do not belong in the same sentence.
  • What does the Moto 360 do? Send you notifications and fitness tracking? And that for $250 no way, The Apple Watch it's a piece of ingeniering, support for apps, able to pay with it, just watch the keynote again and watch the 360 keynote and compare, you don't know what you are talking about!!!
  • What does the iwatch do better than the 360? The 360 is aesthetically better, and it does the same dang thing: send notifications, navigate, talk back to you, and track fitness.... Brought to you by the Nexus 5, or the mighty Surface Pro 3
  • Forget it, you can't reason apple's fan, because reason and apple don't fit in the same sentence.
    This Watch is utterly hugly and overly expensive, and useless as every Apple product. And, please, none tells me that Apple laptops and workstations are not useless Tools. If they were that usefull, they would dominate a market that is dominated by..MS products!
    Apple is all about bling bling, and with those latest products, simply play catch up with others (big screens, nfc, etc..). The first Iphones may have been ahead of their times, but it was a long time AGO. Some famous people just discovered it....
  • It's so hugly, you just had to put an h on ugly. Like Hüber Hugly.
  • Did I miss something? Yes, you can pay with iWatch via NFC but there's nothing else unique about it comparing to Android Wear Moto360. It's still relying on phone's GPS, it's still a notification hub with fitness apps or whatnot. It still supports custom faces. There's nothing that makes is more "special" than Moto360 except the NFC. At least 360 looks like a watch as oppose to mini tablet and is actually cheaper. The build quality is just as good based on reviews and pictures. If you are willing to pay $100+ for sapphire glass.... ok. But you are clearly gonna pay for high margins and NOT for better quality.
  • I like how you say "only" like there's a lot more any watch could do.
    What can the 360 do that the AW can't? (I haven't really looked into it)
  • Uhm, the Moto 360 does have apps. In fact, it's basically feature-for-feature identical to the Apple Watch, minus an insecure payment system (transmitting credit card info over bluetooth is LOL-worthy).
  • It send the info over NFC doesn't it? Either way, it generates a one time a onetime card number so even if it was to be somehow intercepted it couldn't be used by anyone. The info is useless to anyone except the merchant who initiated the transaction and they can't do anything with it by process that single transaction.
  • You're gonna look like a tool waving your watch around the payment machine, by the way. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well, odds are it WAS going to be "worse." That leak the day before to several different sites asking users if "$400 was too much," was almost certainly Apple. The response is likely what knocked the price down to $350.
  • It's an early adopter product. These kinds of things are always expensive the first gen.
  • Well my watch costs 7k and it only tells the correct time, occasionally.
  • I don't wear a watch. Especially not a watch that starts at $350 and will be obsolete in a year. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Trolling is fun
  • ???? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • @ dr x.: You don't understand what "trolling" is.
  • OP- obsolete in a year? r u kidding?
  • Uh, have you not been following Apple long? There will me a new version out at least once a year for the next several years, and when your 1.0 starts to get sluggish and slow because the newest version of iWatchOS was designed for the newer model, everyone will just say "what do you expect, you are using a year old product!! Upgrade dood!" Oh and expect the battery to die just round the 18 month mark, as well, requiring an expensive replacement from Apple as changing it yourself voids the warranty. Unless you are new, you know the above was set in motion today. On the price thing I hear folks mentioning - what did you expect? No cell phone company to subsidize it for you, I think folks forget that an iPhone costs at least triple what most folks usually pay up front for it.
  • Well said!
    I'm so disappointed with Apple... again!
    Last year's tech for the highest price? Who do they think they are?
    A thick body with a square watch face, and they call that a premium product? Come on... really... ... are we being punked? This is a joke right? Seriously, this is a joke.. right? No... not a joke? Bye!
  • "There will me a new version out at least once a year for the next several years, and when your 1.0 starts to get sluggish and slow because the newest version of iWatchOS was designed for the newer model,"
    As opposed to the Samsung approach which is now on it's 6th generation watch in less than one year.
  • Just because a new version comes out every does not make it obsolete a year later. Obsolete would be more if it was useless after a year, which it clearly isn't. I really want to know what kind of hardware it's running. A single core A8 with 512mb, 4GB storage and a 300+Ma battery seems like it would be pretty solid.
  • Although I would like a watch to match the Apple chip they implanted in my head, I'm still waiting for Cartier or Hermès to release theirs. Until then, I'm happy about the stock price - keep on buying Apple product people so I can afford my designer watch.
  • Thanks for saying this. I agree completely. I don't see what sort of real world problem these "smart watches" actually solve. Responding to a text in 2 seconds rather than 4? Or, as you said, seeing the phase of the moon on your watch instead of looking up? Sending your heartbeat to someone (that just seems really awkward). No thanks. About the only wearable I might actually consider is one of the single-purpose workout-related ones to track my runs. Those actually seem practical (recording heart rate, mileage, etc., is useful for tracking progress). Other than that, they all seem like needless gadgets that wouldn't add any value to my life. If someone's into that, cool for them. I just can't see me getting one any time soon.
  • Will it only talk to an iPhone or other Apple gear? Closed ecosystem? Will we be able to use with an Android / Blackberry?
    Maybe someone will write an app for it...
  • Sadly, it ONLY talks to Apple iPhones, ONLY of a certain vintage, and I would bet money that the details will eventually tell us that you have to have iPhone 6 (not 5) to get the full experience, even though they are currently saying it "works" with the iPhone 5. So for me, new phone is aprox. $900 and the watch is minimally $350. Including tax it would cost me at close to $1500 just to get on this particular bandwagon. I'm with Peter. There are certain things like the tap messaging and so forth that are very interesting, but nothing that I actually need or even want right now. Wake me when it can replace my phone altogether, and communicate with my iPad mini, which is the only portable I really need to carry. Also ... wake me when the iPad is actually interesting again, or can replace my phone. iPhone is no longer very interesting or new IMO and this year's iPad is shaping up to be even more shockingly boring a proposition than that!
  • If you really had of watched the presentation. You would realise the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and the new iPhone 6 work with the Apple watch. So you don't need to buy a new phone to use it. Also if you buy a Andriod Samsung Gear or moto 360 would you expect it to work with an Apple iPhone. So why the idea the Apple watch should work with any Android phone. Last I check the Samsung Gear is limited to one device the note. Like the ipad it is under rated and actually going to be fairly popular. With the move to larger phones having the watch will save a heap of hassle checking your notifications. Who has missed a notification cause didn't hear or felt it. It does a lot more then the Andriod watches and better interface.
    You can answer calls directly from the watch the 360 can't do that. The mapping directions feedback left or right will be invaluable.
    Who has ever used a phone for directions will understand. The only thing that will limit it is the battery life. Short then a full 24 hours before recharge.
    Well then it will be a hassle. Fix that and they onto a winner. To me many of its real uses remain undiscovered and this device will actually be the hub connecting us to all of our devices. Like the iPhone, the ipad before people were underwhelmed with their initial impressions. But just like these devices a game changer. Remember when the iPad came out and the joke was ia giant iPhone. The watch is the same thing. The Apple wallet is going to change the way we pay for things.
  • I am deaf in one ear and this seems like something I could really use. Many times I cannot hear my phone so it would be nice to have something right on my wrist to catch a call!
  • I think it has tremendous implications as an assistive device. But that's not something I need, so for my own purposes, I remain unconvinced that the Apple Watch is right for me.
  • The pebble does that, among other great things to help assist in that way. And it's $150, with a week of battery life.
  • Pebble is so doomed.
  • Pebble doesn't cost $350 ಠ益ಠ
  • I am not an iPhone user, but doesn't it vibrate when someone calls?
  • Sure.
  • I would think that the vibration would be strong enough to alert the user to a phone call. My 822 certainly is.
  • I don't feel the vibration of my iPhone in my pocket when I'm walking around. Pebble "solves" that. But the true value is when I have my hands busy with work, and I can't tell if that buzz is an important email or a facebook comment. I don't need an AW for that, but Siri is a definite "want" for me. Certainly not a "need". Is it worth $350? Not to me. But if price will go below $200, then I'll consider it.
  • Anyone who goes out to club ,pub or moive theatre will know the vibration or sound can be missed. Having a watch with the feedback will be useful. The iPhone vibrate in my opinion is to weak in some situations to be noticed.
  • I'm with you. I like the idea of the monitoring sensors in terms of health and sport-related purposes, as well as the inductive charging. However I haven't worn a watch in years because I kept hitting and scratching their screens, and I simply don't like wearing accessories other than sunglasses. Also, doesn't it kinda feel like a remote for a iPhone, which... you can just pull out of your pocket when you need it anyway?! It's cool that it exists, there's clearly a market for it, and the technology might lead to something else that might interest me. Sent from the iMore App
  • certainly gorgeously designed;.... Stopped reading right there, they are not they are UGLY as sin. They hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down. They have a face only a mother could love...never mind she dropped them off at the orphanage. Did I mention they are not very attractive at all? PS: Not thrilled with Android either...
  • No kidding...fugly as hell. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Ditto Sent from the iMore App
  • 1000% agree. They did as much as they could to not make it look like a chunky square monstrosity, but it wasn't enough. This watch literally SCREAMS "I'm a fat, mouth-breathing geeky guy who has the latest gadget everything!!!" I haven't seen one version that a woman would wear, and only a couple that I would call even reasonably attractive even in the "chunky men's watch" category.
  • I'm not a watch person myself, but when it comes out, you'll probably be surprised at the number of women you see wearing one. Several of the women I work with have expressed an interest in getting one. Some girls dig really big, chunky watches. And many of them have commented on the available bands. Many times, women will buy different watches based on how they plan to use them. A sports, or "daytime" watch, an "evening" watch, etc. Different bands to match their clothing and so on. Fashion accessories are a huge market that I think Apple considered in the design of this watch. And yes, part of fashion (and human nature in general) is to scream, "Hey, look what I have!" ;)
  • Has anybody answered the communication questions? Is ATT going to charge me to 'teather' the aWatch? If so, they can kiss my a$$! American wireless companies alrady get too damn much $$$/month!!
  • This! They didn't not mention one bit how this would work, if you use WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G or the battery life. Posted via iMore App
  • Android is BT so I would imagine the same. For the record, that was not a "Apple copying Android" crack, it is common sense IMHO
  • True, but you never know. I just like confirmation on these kinds of things. Because sometimes what seems to just make sense, doesn't to some companies sometimes. Posted via iMore App
  • Peter - I appreciate this article and understand. I want one, but don't know that I need it. It's good to hear opinions, backed by reason on why people don't want one. It will be fun to see what the future brings with wearables. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am sure I will be buying one, I am just that way, I guess. For me, I want it strictly for the health side of it. I have tried numerous fitness wearables and none of them have done EXACTLY what I want. I am hoping, and from what I can tell, the Apple watch should do quite a bit more on the health side. Perfect example, NONE of the "health wearables" that I own monitor any activity on the days I do elliptical for my cardio. Two of them don't register if I go on my 8 mile mountain bike ride. To me, what good are those devices if they only track.......RUNNING (and I HATE running!). I am not excited about the simple fact it is made by Apple, but I am excited about Apple's partners and what they bring to the table. That is one thing Apple "typically" does well is getting support from other companies about their products. And the best part about the release today........competition - we should now see the other device manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, etc.) start upping their game even more with the Apple watch release.
  • Except its still not confirmed if you'll need your phone with you on runs. This to me would make it sort of a fail as the "ultimate fitness device"
  • I'm good either way for me since I don't run and I always have mine with me for music when I'm at the gym for lift days and cardio days, as well as it is with me for my MBX rides. But yes you are correct, I could see for some it would be a huge detractor if they like to run "light."
  • I never could wear a watch. I tried a few times in my life but ended up hating, and found it annoying to be on my wrist. Even before I had a cell phone I had no problems finding the time. This watch does nothing for me. I am also not a fan of BIG phones, so today was an overall disappointment.
  • I was really hoping for something big from Apple. What we got instead was technology that's been around for a while. I thought, if anyone could make a watch that would be worth investing in, these guys would have it down. What I saw was another Samsung Gear. :( Now who's impersonating whom?
  • Pardon my ignorance, but does this watch have any utility when you leave your phone at home? I know they said you have to have an iPhone but does that mean you always have to have the watch and phone together?
  • yeah, it tells time....
  • I agree Peter, my reaction exactly. One of my problems with any kind of watch except a simple analog watch is reading it! I need to find my glasses and put them on, that is a pain for any device that needs viewing frequently through the day. Zoom might help, maybe.
    Even with Apple's clever design and engineering, using all those functions on a device so small just doesn't interest me.
  • I'm against this version of the apple watch. It's been hit with the ugly stick. Reminds me to much of the boxy designs of the Samsung gear watches just with the option to pointlessly 24k gold plate it to make you feel it's not so bad. Pretty yawn worthy at this from a physical design point. I'm actually surprised at apples lack of style this time around. Motorola got the physical design right with the moto360, heck even LG are coming to the party with a decent looking round what watch. The software if it's actually any good will be the only selling point here, and it would have to be damn good and actually be functional enough in real work use to make people replace their designer watches.
  • I disagree. While the hardware design language of the Moto 360 is pleasing, the "card" based layout of what I've seen so far is all rectangular. It's just clipped to a mostly-circular hardware profile. (It's like cutting a circular shape out of a magazine with a cookie cutter.) I think Apple has done a pretty good job using rectangular UI when it makes sense and creating the illusion of circularity with the arcs, dials, and other circular UI elements.
  • That's great you disagree with my comments when you didn't understand them. I was talking about the physical design of these devices only, not the software ui. The ui on both android wear and the apple watch looks nice, maybe a bit too complex on the apple watch though since they appear to have added too many features and that stupid zoom feature instead of keeping it simple like the android wear card interface.
  • I understood perfectly what you said. Your preference is for a physically radial design. My preference is for a physically square design with flashy radial UI (I love me a minimally styled dial). Hey look. We can both be happy. Enjoy your Moto 360.
  • It reminds me of the first gen iPhone. You just know it's going to get a lot sleeker and less expensive.
  • This is the fattest, ugliest, crappiest Apple Watch ever.
  • Hi Peter, I am no jewellery expert, however I do own many watches. Paying $350 Australian isn't that much really. In the US people (not singling you out) expect too much for to little and I feel that for such a precision device a price range of $350 to $500 is perfectly acceptable and doesn't place an object lie this one outside the realms of purchase. Its not a kiddie toy like many of the Android watches I've seen, but is a serious contender for watch of the year...
  • LOL--I am glad you saved that sentence for last....It is an abomination. I won't talk about the features, because I do not have that much info, but the look is terrible.
  • There's nothing more precision about this watch than, say, the Moto 360. In fact, the design is ripped right out of the original iPhone, and bulky. I'm also amused at the preference over function instead of comfort, with a bulbous bottom that will be uncomfortable to wear for any period.
  • I was already looking for a nice watch that would do heartrate and the ones I looked at were around 200$ so only 150 more and I got texting, maps and notifications doesn't seem too bad. But if you weren't interested in a watch in the first place this price seems hardly justified. Sent from the iMore App
  • You stopped wearing a watch because you thought it would scratch your laptop? That's is so dumb.
  • You clearly didn't own a ti PowerBook. I still have mine, still in its very own matching (al) Zero Halliburton case. the design still amazes me for being 13 years old.
  • yeah...color me unimpressed, especially for $350 for the base model. early adapters, be prepared to be robbed for your new iWatch or whatever clever term they used. I agree with this article- I too haven't worn a watch for about 14 years; what's the point anymore? BTW, I'd like to compliment the designers of this site...it works so much nicer than the WP counterpart, especially when posting in these threads.
  • Pretty sure all of the Mobile Nations sites are like this now.
  • Posting comments in the forums and threads is much nice here than in WP Central. Autocorrect works (lol), and there is no lag when I type. BTW, I find it funny that the systems for posting on iMore and WP Central follow the design philosophies of the platforms they serve: iMore posting is clean, works, but there are no options for formatting. WP Central kinda lags, looks a little busier, but gives the user many, many options for formatting their posts. LOL.
  • Hi Peter, For those who feel the Apple Watch is ugly or bulbous, should take a look at watches over the years, a moment of reflection is positive rather than negative... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watch
  • Re: "A moment of reflection is positive ..." What a load of New Age bull. "Negative" comments can be just as useful, relevant, insightful and as much a learning experience as "positive" ones can be. You are probably one of those people who believes that only "positive" happy comments should exist in the world and dumbly equate positivity with "good." It will be impossible to explain to you how wrong you are about that, but there are several good books on the subject written by many eminent philosophers and thinkers over the last couple of centuries you could try.
  • Funny. Android apologists used to quote specs.
    Now they're all fashionistas.
    Times change.
  • I am wearing a Moto 360 as I type this and I am just laughing at how ridiculous the apple watch looks. It is literally hilarious to me that Motorola made a device that looks more apple than apple's own watch.
  • Only dorks need a watch to talk to from any mfg. Just like the blue tools walking around the mall or airports spewing self important bs. Sheesh! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I just really don't like the asthetics of it. Google really put a lot of polish on Android Wear and I think Android OEMs have done a great job on making elegant watches. I'd much rather wear and LG G Watch R or Moto 360 than the Apple Watch. I don't think I'll buy one, but I won't turn one down as a gift.
  • I admit the 360 still have some style advantage compared to the Apple Watch but you're seriously saying Android Wear looks better in terms of the UI and features? Get out of here. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Absolutely. Android Wear is miles better than the Apple Watch's UI, in my opinion. I'll have to try it first, but it doesn't look a good UX either.
  • A plastic Moto 360 has little in the way to customise the look. The choice Apple offer in two sizes. Real gold. The quality of the bands. Actually looks heaps nicer then anything from Andriod. The Samsung Gear is chunker and with the screws damn fugly. The Moto 360 looks like a cheap swatch from the 1980's urgly..
  • Apple absolutely nailed their Watch, can't wait to put it on my wrist.
  • Certainly a valid response from Peter. I plan on getting the Sport version even though I haven't owned a watch for 5 or 6 years.
  • Dammit Peter! I was all excited. And then you made me think about scratching my MacBook. :: grumbles :: I am interested in the fitness options. And if I can tie it with a decent pair of bluetooth earbuds it will work perfectly for that regard. I also like the idea of the haptic feedback. If I can keep my iPhone / iPad in my bag and use Continuity with this watch and the aforementioned bluetooth earbuds; screen calls, texts, and other notifications; and listen to some music and podcasts for a day's use...I'm sold. $350 is nothing to me if it does that. It's slightly less than a dollar a day over a year. I imagine I would keep this product for several years. (I may be wrong about that.)
  • Just like the original iPhone, I'd be willing to bet the 2nd or 3rd gen Watch will see a reduced price. Then I'll be interested. I just can't justify $350 for it right now. Sent from the iMore App
  • If an iPhone is required for the Watch to work, it would be smart of Apple to offer some sort of bundle. Where the customer can save $50-$100 overall, if buying both the iPhone 6(or iPhone 6 Plus) and the Watch. Thus, increasing value and providing an incentive(albeit small) to buy a Watch. Just food for thought.
  • I own a samsung galaxy s4. I didn't purchase the samsung fear because of the $300 tag price. Now that the second generation went I to the market, the first one was on sale in eBay for $130. Not bad. I looooove it. Camera, video for 15 seconds, automatically sync with my phone. Control the media music, volume, call, notifications, and much more! I can even talk and listen to a call! The apple watch has a nice software but no hardware!!! Not even a camera! Wait for the second gen to have one, the third gen might have a microphone, and the fourth might get a speaker to interact with calls. Please, apple are not innovating anymore.
  • When I am in public, I hardly see anyone wearing a watch. I have never seen a "smart watch" the few watches I see are usually on women, and are more jewelry than a watch. The Apple watch is nice, but your needs, and what it can do for you are the main factor. Remember, for it to function properly, you will need an iPhone 5 or better. To me that is a negative. Not everyone has an iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I stopped wearing watches when I got my Treo back in the day. Just have to look at my phone for the time. I'm with you Peter. Nothing compelling to make me "need" this accessory. Looking forward to my iphone 6 plus and telling time. Sent from the iMore App
  • When is the last time Apple announced a new product without a ship date? Seriously? iPad (0) did have a date or was it "soon"? Will this watch require tethering?
  • The first iPhone may be. But it is understandable. They kept the Apple Watch inhouse to avoid the leaking that occurs in China. Take the iPhone 6 we knew pretty much everything before the big day. So they haven't started making them yet either. If they had we of knew all about it be now. Plus they are still tweaking it to get better battery life and to give developers more time to post apps for it. So I suppose we need to be patient.
  • We'll see how it works in daily use but my concern is that it isn't a product on it's own since "it needs iPhone" so people can fully enjoy it. An accessory for $350 is vaguely interesting even if it's great. BTW - obviously it's waterproof but I haven't seen any info on that ?
  • Actually having it tether to the iPhone makes more sense then less, why? Well why reinvent the wheel if the phone, has internet, GPS, why put it in a watch to when it has limitation on size. I think most people will be surprised with how useful it will be.
  • Took the words right out of my mouth, Peter. Sent from the iMore App
  • it's just not something i need or have a desire for now. There are plenty of other things i need to put my money for. Plus i only wear a watch when i dress up and i have a nicer watch for those occasions.
  • For me, the thing that would take it over the top would be waterproofing. Being out here in the middle of the Pacific (Hawaii), there are a lot of water sports and many are engaged in them on a daily basis. It would be cool to be swimming or surfing with an Apple Watch.
  • I think the watch looks cool but it might have too many features. I will hold final judgment until I can actually see/touch one in person. I agree with what others have mentioned above that it'll be much higher by the time you pick the band you want. No mention of storage space either. That might be another area Apple ges more money out of you. I'm thinking I will get the iPhone 6 instead of the 6 Plus but I'm not totally sure. Is a larger display and OIS worth an additional $100? Ehhh maybe, maybe not. I wish they would have offered OIS in the 4.7" version but I guess that's a way to differentiate them from one another and make people buy the bigger, more expensive phone.
  • I'm with Peter in that I don't see that killer app on the Apple Watch that will make it a must buy for me. I'm retired and don't need an auxiliary device for anything. I have that second to take out my phone, that 5 seconds to pick up my iPad, or that ten seconds to walk over to my iMac. I'd rather put that $350+ toward my next other Apple device instead. I am open to new information or the appearance of that killer app though. As a remote for the Apple TV it has utility for me already as the Apple TV remote is very easy to misplace. If it would be a remote for all my devices it would be a little different story, like a stop-and-play for Logic on my iMac while I'm working out a part on my music keyboard out of easy reach of my computer. There's also the issue that I live in a small town. We have shops that have barely added the ability to process a debit card let alone have NFC payment capability. We do have a MacDonald's and a Subway though. I have to see it, too. Like the iPhone 6+. I think I want that big phone but I'm not in any hurrry. My assumption going in this time around was that I'm getting two new OSs and I won't be ready to buy anything until next year at the soonest. My stuff is still too new.
  • This is kind of where I am when it comes to Android smart watches, too. So far, I don't see a real need for it other than being able to have another gadget to tinker around with. I feel like we will start seeing a lot of great apps on these devices when they get in the hands of creative developers (I hope to be one soon). Until then, though, the entire smart watch thing just isn't for me.
  • At this point, its not something I'm interested in. Do you need to carry a iPhone with you to be able to use the calling/texting? Overall, let down a bit with these designs. The antenna lines on the iphone look meh, and there's no black again, the space grey looks way too light.
  • Interesting new "wearable" but I will need to time to better understand it and sort out my own interest and benefit-cost analysis. I also can't see myself buying version one of such a new device. Battery life, in particular, is a worry -- not a peep from Apple during the presentation. Unlike a phone, where many of us are lemmings on 2 year upgrade plans (wink), I would want a $350 watch to last me far longer. BTW, I really like the overall look.
  • The Sport is nice! Sent from the iMore App
  • Bummer? Sent from the iMore App
  • Going to wait to see if voiceover support is added. The navigation features could be helpful for blind users. . Sent from the iMore App
  • Definitely not what I expected from Apple. The Watch is something that it's not going to succeed. And the design is awful. Didn't like it. Maybe in a couple of years the will came up with something more promising.
  • I like the idea of three devices rolled into one bite and a little computer on your rest too bad it only connected to the iPhone my question is how did Bailey do you like or Hilbert and I wish that it would have a connection to the iPad as well the iPod touch which are the only two I have Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't know whether not to get an Apple lot of the visually impaired person I wonder if it is really like with voiceover read it only extension of the iPhone I wish you an extension on the iPad as well as the iPod touch which are the only two delighted that I have a moment Sent from the iMore App
  • If you want one The price is worth it.... If you got that type of money (for any smart watch ) and I still don't see the point in one. Sent from the iMore App