Why you should wait to jailbreak iOS 7

An iOS 7 jailbreak has been released by the evasi0n team. What's more, it's untethered and will work on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that can run iOS 7.0 through iOS 7.0.4. Unfortunately, that's where the good news ends and the uncertainty begins. There are lots of reasons, even post-iOS 7, that someone might want to jailbreak. However, there are even more important reasons, with this specific jailbreak, that everyone should hold off, at least for now...

The safety of your data

According to numerous reports, when using the new evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7, if your iPhone is set to Chinese, it will install certain Chinese "app stores". Given the nature of those "app stores", that should ring huge alarm bells for anyone even considering the jailbreak. Worse, some are going as far to say that the tool spams Cydia repos.

Privacy and security are the absolute most important concerns when it comes to allowing any tool to modify your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Unless and until more is known about exactly which hooks are in this jailbreak, and why, it's impossible to determine how safe the jailbreak is.

For this reason alone, nobody should be using it right now.

Cydia, stability, and compatibility

According to his posts on Twitter, Jay Freeman, known as saurik, and the creator of Cydia, had no idea about the jailbreak ahead of time. That means he can't guarantee how any of the foundational jailbreak infrastructure, including mobile substrate, will function on iOS 7. So far saurik has gotten some core functions of Winterboard working but hasn't pushed the update yet.

That saurik, and other prominent jailbreak developers, didn't know about evasi0n is in and of itself alarming. Not only does it mean most popular jailbreak apps, tweaks, and themes won't be updated, but it means none of them can yet vouch for the safety and stability of the jailbreak.

Another huge, blinking, neon sign to stay away.

You'll have to jailbreak again anyway

Since the evad3rs team also didn't test a current build of substrate, and the bundled version of Cydia isn't official, another update to evasi0n will likely have to be pushed in order to fix the compatibility issues. That means you'll just as likely have to go through the jailbreak process again at a later date.

That might be fun for people who love to tinker, but not for people who just want to jailbreak and get on with their lives.

iOS 7.1

iOS 7.1 is currently in beta 2. Why the evad3rs team didn't wait until it was out to push the release button is uncertain. However, it means that Apple may just patch whatever exploit evasi0n is using before 7.1 is released to the public. That means anyone who wants both will have to go back to waiting on a jailbreak all over again.

Other things to think about

Since you normally need to restore via iTunes, not OTA, in order for a jailbreak to work, there's nothing wrong with backing up and restoring via iTunes on iOS 7.0.4 now. That way you're ensuring you'll be able to jailbreak if iOS 7.1 drops before issues are worked out and Apple stops signing 7.0.4.

As always, we'll update as we know more! But for now, we'd highly recommend staying away from the current evasi0n jailbreak.

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  • What stand/dock are you using in the picture?
  • I KNEW someone would ask about that, it's the Everdock ;) review incoming very soon!
  • My elevation dock should be in tomorrow. Can't wait. But I do have a question Ally. Do u think something in the latest 7.1 beta killed some vital exploits the evad3rs had?
  • Think I read something on modmyi that said that was the case. Something in 7.1 beta 3 killed it, so they released it. Could be total nonsense though. Or maybe they found something in the beta already that they can use and figured they'd get this one out now. Who knows? That's more wishful thinking though.
  • Excellent thanks for replying! Looking forward to the review!
  • I got my Everdocks, too! I look forward to your review, I am working on my own as well!
  • Posting to say 'same question' just so I'll be notified if and when you are given a answer! :P Edit to say never mind, lolz!
  • That is the Everdock from FŪZ Designs www(dot)fuzdesigns(dot)com/#Fuz and they just completed their Kickstarter campaign as the only dock you'll ever need. I pledged for 2 duos and they are awesome.
  • "For all intensive purposes..." I've seen how fast you can type, but you might want to slow down... ;-)
  • I got the impression that she might have been using a voice dictation solution.
  • Thanks Ally- I was considering doing this but will now hold off.
  • Re: "Since you normally need to restore via iTunes, not OTA in order for it a jailbreak to work, there's nothing wrong with backing up and restoring via iTunes on iOS 7.0.4. That way you're ensuring you'll be able to jailbreak if iOS 7.1 drops before issues are worked out and Apple stops signing 7.0.4." I have to confess to not really understanding this statement. It was my impression that even if you had updated to a particular version of iOS, that you cannot restore to that version once Apple stops signing it - whether it is downloaded via iTunes or not. I believe that iTunes continues to check to see if there's a later version and if so it forces you to update to that version or not at all. Is this incorrect? (By the way I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get this "#AC" out of my username. I know there was an opportunity sometime earlier in the year to fix such things but it didn't seem to be an issue then and then afterward it seemed to appear out of nowhere. I haven't been able to get any assistance with the matter since then.)
  • Fixed username. Ftr, account questions should be emailed to accounts at mobilenations dot com. :)
  • Danke.
  • bitte lach
  • You're misunderstanding. i mean back up and restore to 7.0.4 BECAUSE Apple will stop signing. That guarantees that if Apple releases an update, you're on a version you can use. If you used OTA, it'll brick and won't work most likely. So doing a proper iTunes install now, while Apple is signing, means you're ready, whenever a better jailbreak is released.
  • This.
    It's the reason why I avoid jail breaking like the [zombie] plague. Sent from the iMore App
  • Your loss 'Becjr'! You have NO IDEA what you are missing out on! At the moment, my iphone is not jailbroken (yet). Therefore, it is locked in to whatever features Apple decides upon. Once jailbroken, all those locks disappear and my iPhone becomes my own personal computer to do with as I choose. If you had ANY idea what that meant, you would never have typed your statement above.
  • Great job reporting Ally! Thanks for doing all the hard work to get us this info, I'll def wait now.
  • Thanks to you too and here are the most awaited winterboard for iOS 7 themes --> http://guidesdna.com/download-winterboard-ios-7-themes-jailbreak-tweak/
  • By now if you're jailbreaking just for the sheer joy of hacking then I can understand that, but for powerful and useful functionality, combined with the trade-offs of jailbreaking, I don't get it anymore.
  • Trade-offs? Explain? I've had a jailbreak since day one and never once had anything but success. If it weren't for a jailbreak, i would be using a Galaxy by now for sure. Jailbreak simply unlocks Apple from your phone. It allows you to make changes to your phone, to install apps that Apple doesn't want you to have (not for illegal purposes, for example 'bitcoin apps' were banned from the App Store, but with a jailbreak, I can find those apps and install them). There are so many reasons for jailbreaking an iphone that I still have my old iphone 4S (jb'd) which I take with me on business trips. It is a must have for reasons that I wont get in to here. My new IPhone 5S could never replace the Iphone 4S until I jailbreak it too.
  • Why does iOS 7.1 matter? If you jailbreak and then want the upgrade, just restore. Not a big deal at all.
  • Exactly, I know that I'll need to restore it for iOS 7.1 & for the Cydia update but for now it's nice to get the little things I missed back like "ShowCase", "iFile", "Plugication", "iCleaner" & "FolderCloser" to name a few =)
  • I used to fully support the jailbreak movement but now I don't see much point but each to their own. Sent from the iMore App
  • No wifi restrictions.
    No tethering limitations.
    Apps unavailable in Apple's store.
  • "For all intensive purposes" --- seriously? just curious, what about purposes that aren't so intense?
  • The life of a repo man is ALWAYS intense!
  • Awesome--one of my favorites! "See those people over there?! I hate those people..."
  • Voice dictation and Siri mixed up intents and with intensive. it was fixed.
  • I'm personally gonna wait to hear more news about this Jailbreak. I waiting to hear how stable and safe it is before I make the jump to jailbreak. iOS 7.1 is around the corner. So will Apple now wait to release 7.1 to kill off the jailbreak.
  • Is there a feed I can follow from saurik about cydia updates?
  • http://twitter.com/saurik
  • Great — thanks for the link. Following now.
  • hm for me the first time i won't jailbreak my iphone because iOS 7 has everything i need! missing some tweaks but still can live without it. i think apple did so good with ios7 there is nothing to complain about. but maybe for the little tweaks.... but will wait for awhile
  • Thanks, Ally. I'll wait a little more before I start tinkering with this new jailbreak for iOS 7.
  • http://evasi0n.com/l.html -- speaks to a few of Allyson's concerns. EDIT: Erp...looks like Rene posted an article on this already.
  • Why should you jail break at all? Sent from the iMore App
  • I see everyone talking about the iOS 7 jailbreak but have yet to find anyone talk about the benefits and features of jailbreaking. So can anyone please explain to me what the jailbreak offers? Sent from the iMore App
  • imore.com/jailbreak
  • "iOS 7.1 is currently in beta 2. Why the evad3rs team didn't wait until it was out to push the release button is uncertain." Competition, that's why they released so soon.. evad3rs team released a statement regarding the reasoning behind everything. http://evasi0n(.com)/l.html I've jailbroken my iPad Air primarily because of their previous jailbreaks... And I've been through jailbreaks since I've had the iPhone 3GS, there's always risk involves. Saurik, the creator of Cydia... was working on a jailbreak with another team.. hence why Cydia and Mobile Substrate is not currently working. Eventually the bugs will get ironed out, hopefully OTA.
  • This article was posted before that statement was even available. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks Ally!!!
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/1tha74/letter_to_the_community/ Most of this thread covers what you wrote. And to add to this, updates will most likely come through cydia, not needing to re-jailbreak.
  • Yes we posted an updated article. Sent from the iMore App
  • I can't remember correctly, but I'm pretty sure the update to the evasi0n 6 jailbreak didn't require you to re-jailbreak your device. I'm almost entirely certain that came as an update through Cydia and didn't require the hassle of reinstalling the jailbreak.
  • guys do not broken your phone first i did it and i found one thing i can't download anything from cydia and if you guys try download repo or anything else it will end up not moving trust me you guys don't belive try it your self
  • Hi folks, I need to know something very specific...it might be an easy question, but I can't seem to find any information about how to proceed in these precise circumstances: 1. My device is an iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) (i.e., iPad3,1). 2. It is jailbroken, and running iOS 6.1.2. I have remained on 6.1.2 for several months now, and have not upgraded to iOS 7 specifically so that I could keep my device jailbroken). (In addition to all the Cydia tweaks I use, I rely on quite a few cracked App Store apps that I have totally NOT pirated [wink, wink, elbow, elbow], and upgrading to iOS 7 without an iOS 7 jailbreak would have prevented me from using them.) 3. As we are all aware, an iOS 7 jailbreak has now been released. (Let's assume, for our purposes here, that it will only be effective on iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4.) My first question is as follows: Do I need to upgrade my device to iOS 7.0.4 right now, before Apple releases iOS 7.1? (Assume that I would do any such upgrade via iTunes (on my iMac, using a USB connection to the device) and not through the updating mechanism within the device's Settings menu.) MY REASONING: Obviously, to jailbreak my device on iOS 7, the device first needs to be running iOS 7. However, my understanding is that I can only put a version of iOS 7 onto my device that I obtain directly from Apple. Accordingly, if I were to stay where I am at right now (iOS 6.1.2, jailbroken) and Apple releases iOS 7.1 (and thus stops signing iOS 7.0.4), my understanding is that I would not be able to upgrade to iOS 7 AND ALSO jailbreak it because the only version of iOS 7 that my device could upgrade to would be iOS 7.1. (Again, assume that the current jailbreak will not work on iOS 7.1; also assume that iOS 7.1 beta (on which the jailbreak has been claimed to work) is not within my available options.) Is this understanding correct? My second question: If I upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 right now, then completed the jailbreak, would I need to reinstall all of the cracked apps that are currently on my device (and would be temporarily lost after I upgrade to iOS 7.0.4 but before I complete the jailbreak (or, for that matter, after I upgrade to iOS 7.0.4 and after I complete the current version of the jailbreak, but before Cydia (and thus AppSync, which is what allows me to install the cracked apps) is properly updated))? If I would need to reinstall these cracked apps (via iTunes, of course), would I lose the data/settings currently within those apps (and thus presumably held in my device's memory)? If I would need to do such a reinstall of these cracked apps, is there a way I can restore a specific app's data/settings from a prior backup (say, from the full backup that I would (naturally) be making of my device in its current state (iOS 6.1.2) before I go ahead with the upgrade to iOS 7.0.4?) I would very much appreciate any advice on this. Thanks very much!
  • Same questions! Please help.
    What I know for your second question is that if you update to 7.0.4, you will keep the non store apps but they won't work unless you jailbreak. However they recommend doing a Full restore so making the device like a new one so if you do it, you should backup your device first so that your apps and data are backed up and so that you can restore them later in itunes in "restore my purchases " I think.
    I may be mistaken, please reply if you find answers.
  • Jailbroke as soon as the tweet came out from @evad3rs. Now...theres a lot of drama surrounding this release but if you're not running chinese the malicious stuff in question isn't installed.(Chinese App. Store) Cydia will be updated soon enough to iron out the many bugs. Most of the tweaks,themes etc. on Cydia isn't iOS7 compatible so they won't run. Theres lists of whats currently working. Ive installed the 5 icon dock,Winterboard,Code Theme and iCleaner. The rest will have to wait on Devs to upgrade their software. As far as all this Restore,7.0.4,Backup stuff.My plan is to Just OTA to 7.1 when the time comes unless @saurik & the devs get Cydia & the rest of the best reasons to Jailbreak running lovely. Sure Id lose the JB but if it's still bug riddled why stay.
  • ..., and the iphone bumper is from?
  • It almost seems like a ploy to boost sales for Apple and the iPhones out there. Here is my thought process on this: 1. People with older devices holding out see 7.0.4 has been jailbroken.
    2. They see the soon-to-be-released 7.1 out there that could be jailbreak proof until new vulnerabilities are found
    3. People run out and buy iDevices that are known to be coming with 7.0.4 and lower firmwares
    4. Then a proper jailbreak is released and Apple's stock has risen Maybe I'm just thinking too outside of the comspiracy theory box? Oh well, I'm in the market for a new 5S anyway so why not follow the above-listed plan.
  • They didn't wait till ios 7.1 was released because they said that Apple has already patched the exploit for making it untethered
  • read this! I jailbreaked my iphone 4 with evasion7 downloaded at the official "http://evasi0n.com/" Website. after i first launched cydia, my phone restarted and cydia dissappeared. Just as the Music App. As i searched titels and pressed on them a message appeared which was like "URL not found: music://...." After some hours i recognised my email app wasnt working as well. Then slowly one after another ALL my Apple apps began to crash on start.
    When i loged into Itunes and wanted to restore my Iphone, itunes said i should disable "Find my iphone". Impossible for me if the Settings app is crashing on start. Now i put my Iphone in DFU Mode and i hope i can restore as ios 7.0.4 is downloaded.
  • Attention Readers!!!!! Microwave, I have had the same results, The only Reason i wanted to jailbreak was to be able to use tetherme And about 10 minutes in I noticed some aps were not working then I noticed my Mail app kept crashing everytime I opened it. I tried to restore via itunes and nothing then I tried to remove all from Iphone and the iphone just did the spinning wheel for 15 plus minutes. Now I am trying to get this thing to reboot! Please keep me updated on any results you had.
  • Everyone says that after jailbreaking you must be careful of what you download, because it is easier to introduce malware to your phone. Can anyone provide an example of some malicious tweaks, apps, etc., that pose a threat? (I already know about the openSSH ordeal, which occured in 2009.)
  • But there is one reason to jailbreak, and that reason is BiteSMS.
  • I have been a Jailbreaker since 1.0 on my 1st gen iPhone. The iPhone 5s is the first iPhone I have had that I still haven't Jailbroken, yet. Although I have run iOS 7 in beta and now 7.1 in beta and I haven't felt the need to Jailbreak. There are still things that I would JB to do my devices. However in the 5 years I have JBen my devices I have never had a question of the motives of the tools and the hackers behind them. This is the first time that has been called into question and like the story about EMC possibly accepting money from the NSA. Now no matter what I don't think any tools released by Evaders are safe to use just my own feeling. Sent from the iMore App
  • I tried jailbreaking my iphone (with this jailbreak) and I nearly bricked my phone... O.O if it weren't for my dad I probably would have. so I would DEFINITELY wait!!!! especially if, like me, you don't know much about it (I just kind got excited) lol
  • All the reasons stated above to NOT jailbreak are basically moot points. Any jailbreak released will always have the "...well an update for ios is in the works". There will always be an update. Also, from past experience, the following update doesn't normally address the exploits used. Thats usually 2 or 3 down the line. As of the time I read this, Saurik has since address all issues with Mobile Substrate (Now Cydia Substrate) and Preference Loader. Now new tweaks and packages are flowing extremely smooth and quick. The group called evad3rs, is a well known, and respected core group of developers in the jailbreaking community. They release jailbreaks with privacy as the most important thing in mind. The Chinese app store that was released has since been removed, and turned out to be a bad idea. Always count on those guys to do whats best for the community in the end. As for "having to jailbreak all over at a later date" can be very misleading as any issues are addressed through Cydia and updated via packages that are core to the jailbreak. No need to re-jailbreak if its a file update issue. Cydia was packaged as it was last updated, and as with any new ios and new hardware, updates come within a timely manner. Jailbreaking is not guaranteed to be without problems, and everyone takes the "risk". I believe most people would rather free their iphones with the "risks" involved rather than wait and wait for reasons that will always exist as obstacles.
  • Can i Jailbreak my IOS 7.0.4. evasi0n7 is it Stable now ? Please tell me the pros and cos of jailbreaking.