Will Luna and the Dream Suite be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Animal Crossing Dream Suite Luna
Animal Crossing Dream Suite Luna (Image credit: iMore)

Will Luna and the Dream Suite be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Best Answer: It isn't clear whether or not the Dream Suite ( a.k.a. the Dream Mansion) will be returning to the newest Animal Crossing game. It isn't currently in the game. However, data miners have found coding that might be related to this feature. We'll have to wait and see if Nintendo releases a future update that brings the Dream Suite to New Horizons.Living the dream: Animal Crossing: New Horizons ($60 at Best Buy)

What is the Dream Suite?

Acnh Dream Suite

Acnh Dream Suite (Image credit: Animal Crossing Wiki)

The Dream Suite, also called the Dream Mansion, was a feature originally seen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It was just a way for people to share their town creations with other players without needing to set up a play date or need both players to be present. Something that many players would love to see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Lunanl (Image credit: Nintendo)

To get started, players would enter the Dream Mansion, a building filled with beds. A tapir named Luna ran the establishment. If you asked her to create a dream version of your town, you would be rewarded with 5,000 Bells, and other online players would be able to explore your town. You could also pay her 500 Bells to access dream versions of other player's towns.

The thing about the Dream Suite is that since it was a dream and not the real thing, players would explore the towns in their pajamas, and while the player could explore the town freely, they couldn't bring anything back with them, access stores or enter the town hall.

This was really just a safe way for players to share their towns and admire other people's creations without having to worry about visitors making changes or messing things up. You could really pull some inspiration from those amazing decorators. The best part was that you didn't need to set up a time with the other player in order to visit their village. We're definitely interested in seeing this feature make an appearance in New Horizons.

Will the Dream Suite be coming to New Horizons?

Respected data miner, Ninji, has already been able to glean several upcoming Animal Crossing features by looking through the coding in New Horizons. One of the things he thinks will be coming to New Horizons is the Dream Suite. While he isn't 100% sure that it will come to the newest game, he lays down some reasons for why he's pretty sure it will happen.

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Basically, since version 1.0.0, the game's save file has had a 'SaveNetLandProfile' structure, with a single field: 'DreamID,' which currently hasn't been used at all in the game. With update 1.2.0 Nintendo added "ActorNetDreamLand," the coding is currently stubbed out. Still, it talks to a manager object that claims it can be in one of the several different states: cIdle, cGetid, cUpload, cDownloadHeader, cDownloadIsland, cReflectSave. However, the coding for these states is all empty, so Ninji hasn't been able to pull any more information from them.

It's possible that this coding is in place for Luna and her Dream Suite. Players would need to speak with her to access the Dream Suite menus, and then the save files would need to be in place for the game to access and record the trips to various players' islands. Once again, Ninji has been very clear that this data isn't concrete evidence for the Dream Mansion. However, it is a possibility. We'll keep our ears to the ground and will update this information if we learn anything more about the Dream Suite.

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