Withings adds support for HealthKit to several devices and Health Mate app

Fitbit may not have any plans to offers support for Apple's HealthKit platform anytime soon, but another smart devices company, Withings, is jumping in full force to add support to HealthKit, including a new version of its Health Mate app for the iPhone and iPad.

The actual device support includes the company's Smart Body Analyzer, the Pulse O2 fitness band, the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and the Aura sleep tracker. The Health Mate app has also been updated to synch its data from Health Mate's Profile screen to the HealthKit app. Touch ID support for securing that data has also been added.

More updates are in the works including adapting the app so it works better on the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens. Do you use any of Withing's products with your iOS device?

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  • It only "writes" data though, it will not read data in there. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been a HUGE fan of Withings for over 2 years. Started with the Smart Body Analyzer... down 20 lbs and descending! Then I purchased a Pulse almost a year and a half ago. Still in my pocket every day. FYI Pulse users... Withings says the calculations from wrist strap to elsewhere on your body are equal. I beg to differ. My step count is higher when in my pocket. Not saying it is more accurate... but if you want to see "better" results on step count... the wrist is NOT where it is at! Recommend Withings highly... now if the Aura would just show up at Christmas!
  • I like the look of those devices!
  • Hmmm. No sign of how to use this in the app, and no request showing up in HealthKit.
  • Withings JUST released an update for Health Mate today that allows you to sync your data to the Apple Health app. I updated the Health Mate app and synced the data and can now see my BP results in the Apple Health app.