Withings set to launch the Wireless Scale, bathroom scales with iPhone connectivity

Well known manufacturer Withings has just announced a new model to its range of bathroom scales and this one looks to cut the cord completely. The new bathroom scales offer Bluetooth connections for local connectivity to your iPhone as well as Wi-Fi and all the initial set up of the scales is done wirelessly without the need for any Mac or PC. The Withings WS-30 scales look to not only bring a beautiful set of scales to your bathroom but also the motivation you need to shed those excess pounds too. The companion app will send you push notifications to remind you to get weighed in the morning as well as provide you with inspiration to meet your weight loss goals.

This scale combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to offer a seamless, PC-free experience, from install stage to everyday use. This gem of simplicity features the latest Withings technology to provide people with an ultra-intuitive experience. The scale instantly recognizes individual users and gives them access to exclusive Withings services in order to take control of their weight anywhere, anytime, using the new Withings Health Companion app.It features Withings Position Control technology, which offers visual feedback for users to properly position themselves for high-accuracy weighing. The scale provides an easy and secure access to weight and BMI data through the new free Withings Health Companion app, which comes rich with features such as goal setting and coaching services. Weight graphs are generated automatically and accessible whenever people need them, enabling all users to easily control the evolution of their body mass, to stay motivated and ensure they stay in shape.

The WS-30 will not replace the current WB-S01 model of scales offered by Withings but instead will just become a slightly cheaper alternative with additional Bluetooth connectivity; the WB-S01 does have some additional features like body fat measurement. The suggested retail price for the new WS-30 scales will be around €120 ($150) and they should be available later this month.

Do you already own or want to own a set of intelligent connected scales? Do you think it’s worth paying the extra money for a set of scales that can automatically record your weight on your iPhone or is it just as easy to do it manually and save yourself a few dollars?

Source: Withings Blog


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