Taurus App ScreenshotsSource: Ciaran O'Brien

What you need to know

  • Taurus now lets you sync your workout and kilocalories with Apple Health.
  • Additional services have been included.

Taurus, the iPhone app that's designed to make it easier to track your strength workouts easier, has a new update out that adds an important feature – the ability to sync your workouts and active kilocalories with Apple Health.

Anyone who uses the Health app as their hub for all of their data will now have more than ever, but that isn't the only addition in version Taurus 2.1.

For all lifters:

  • Sync your workouts and active kilocalories with Apple Health
  • Calculate weight as a percentage of a maximum with Relative Weight
  • Change how you mark sets as complete, including support for RPE
  • Add preset metrics to your routines
  • Even more exercises included
  • Removed tokens - existing tokens will continue to provide an ad-free experience

For Taurus Pro lifters:

  • Customise appearance with App icons and Colours
  • Significantly cheaper monthly and yearly subscription options

Taurus can be downloaded for free from the App Store with an optional in-app purchase giving you access to the Taurus Pro features. Taurus Pro isn't needed to get all your data tracking done, though – and the Apple Health syncing is available to all.

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