World-class photography app ProShot launches on iPhone

ProShot is a newly released photography app for the iPhone and iPad on iOS 8. ProShot has been steadily updated on Microsoft's mobile platform since 2012 and the same advanced experience has been ported to Apple's ecosystem.

If you have been searching for an app to take full advantage of new camera technology inside Apple's latest hardware, ProShot is one said solution that places all the most-used features of any photography app within reach. It's a remarkably advanced camera app, enabling you to hop between full auto, full manual, or anything in between, without missing the action in the viewfinder. Some highlighted features include:

  • Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes
  • Full manual control over exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance
  • Burst, Timer, Timelapse, and Video modes all with full manual controls, even during video recording!
  • Auto ISO, as well as Lo and Hi extended ISO settings
  • Manual focus assist
  • Front-facing camera with exposure control
  • Zoom with just one finger, up to 50X!
  • Fully featured Camera Roll with EXIF metadata, support for video playback, and media delete
  • Grid overlay
  • Customizable accent color

The following official video, while showing off the Windows Phone version, teases what to expect in ProShot for iOS:

Best of all, the developer has applied a special introductory price on the App Store. Grab ProShot for free and let us know how you find the new camera app.

Rise Up Games today announced the intuitive, feature-packed ProShot is now available worldwide on the App Store for download on all iPhone devices with iOS8. Released in 2012 for Windows Phone 8, ProShot quickly became the premiere photography experience on the platform, and is currently the most advanced camera app available on any mobile OS. With an accessible, futuristic user interface that blends traditional DSLR control dials with the heads up display of a Gundam, ProShot maps a myriad of functions to a few simple gestures, all wrapped in a sleek package that takes camera apps to a whole new level.

Developed, tested, and refined over the last two years, ProShot's fluid, unobtrusive UI is a remarkable breath of fresh air in a space that has seen little change since its inception. It places all of the most-used features within reach — no matter the screen size — with everything else just a single tap away. Quickly go from full Auto, to full Manual, to everything in between, all without ever having to leave the viewfinder, so you'll never miss that perfect moment.

Innovations such as on-screen manual focus assist give the photographer unlimited control over how their subject is captured, while features such as single-finger zoom, auto / extended ISO, and the ability to change any camera parameter even during video recording create a flexible capture environment never before seen on a mobile device.

"I am so excited to bring ProShot to the iPhone photography community," said Edward Kezeli, developer of ProShot and President of Rise Up Games. "ProShot has been a global hit with photographers for years, praised for its unique UI, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink feature set, and endless innovations in the camera space. With an ease of use never before seen in a professional photography app, ProShot for iOS brings the world one step closer toward Advanced Photography For All."

Rich Edmonds