Where in the world is the TiPb Facebook page?

We'd like to know that as well. Late last night we were sent a very brief notice by Facebook saying they were removing the TiPb page. Nothing by way of specific explanation, no attempt to address any concerns, nothing. Just whoosh, another page annihilated.

We say "another" because it looks like we're not alone. Ars Technica's page is gone to, as are the pages for several other technology and gadget sites.

Interestingly, Facebook has given ReadWriteWeb an official statement on the matter (we continue to wait for any update on our situation and have not received any sort of statement). "When we do this, we notify the person who shared the content so he or she can take appropriate action, which may include contacting the reporting party or following up with Facebook," a Facebook spokesperson told ReadWriteWeb. The only problem with this is that Facebook didn't tell us which content was allegedly infringing—as you can see from our notice above, Facebook's notification told us that "Ars Technica" was the infringing content. How dare we post our own content to our own Facebook page!

Likewise. We all put a lot of trust into Facebook -- trust in their keeping our personal information safe and our content online. Hopefully they'll get back to us, to Ars, and to everyone else affected as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, please continue to follow us on @TiPb and via RSS, and check out the link below as Ars tracks the ongoing problem.

Update: Facebook has been in touch with us and have now restored our page. Thanks FB and everyone who worked hard on getting this done today.

Update 2: Facebook gave TiPb (and others) the following statements:

Which unfortunately does not address the system that led to this failure, nor provide any assurances content owners will be contacted and given an opportunity to address any concerns before Facebook pulls down pages again. Hopefully a more comprehensive response and revised procedure and policy will follow.

Read Write Web has more on the issues still surrounding this. [Read Write Web]

[Ars Technica]