WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap review: Sophisticated design

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap
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Bottom line: This elegant stainless steel band elevates your Apple Watch.


  • +

    Crafted from 316L stainless steel

  • +

    Available for all Apple Watch versions

  • +

    Hidden butterfly-style clasp

  • +

    Available in five colorways

  • +

    Elegant style


  • -

    Not my favorite adapter style

  • -

    Size adjustment isn't easy

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The Watch Strap Company, or WsC, offers this modern take on a classic watch band style. Compatible with every generation and size Apple Watch and available in several color options, it's sure to please.

Sturdy and attractive

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap: Features

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

The WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap is crafted from 316L stainless steel, which is also known as marine grade stainless steel. The addition of molybdenum gives it the ability to withstand the elements; it's also used in pharmaceutical equipment and medical devices. All of this is to say that with regular wear on your wrist, it ought to withstand whatever you might throw at it.

This is a gorgeous watch band, suitable for the office and other more formal situations. My band is the only two-tone colorway; it's Silver and Rose Gold. The other color options available are Rose Gold, Black, Silver, and Gold. The outermost portion of the band is shiny stainless steel, while the innermost part has more of a matte finish. This helps the band go with both the stainless steel and aluminum Apple Watches. The band has some heft to it; I like that gravitas, but some people may not like the more substantial feel.

The adapters are good quality and attach to the Apple Watch as expected. I have had no issues putting it on and taking it off the watch. However, the style isn't my favorite. I prefer the gapless, tapered look of the adapter used on Apple's Link Bracelet. This is just a matter of personal taste.

Mixing the shiny and matte stainless steel is a nice touch, to better go with titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel Apple Watches.

A hidden butterfly clasp opens and closes the bracelet-style band; it works beautifully. The feel of it pressed against my wrist took a few days to become accustomed to, but I don't feel it anymore.

Sizing the band wasn't easy. Since I've reviewed so many Apple Watch bands, some of which came with basic pin removers, I was able to adjust the band to fit me perfectly on my own. WsC suggests taking the band to a professional jeweler for adjustment, and I would agree with that recommendation. A jeweler has the proper equipment and expertise to adjust your band in minutes, and probably wouldn't charge a lot for the service.

Choose either the 38/40mm or 42/44mm Apple Watch size. The band fits any generation Apple Watch. There is subtle branding on the watch; the clasp has WsC engraved on it in tiny letters.

Elevate your Apple Watch

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap: What I like

I love the look and feel of this band. It feels upscale, refined, and gender-neutral. I like the two-tone look since I tend to mix my metals with my jewelry and accessories. Mixing the shiny and matte stainless steel is a nice touch, to better go with titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel Apple Watches.

The hidden butterfly clasp is excellent; it lets you put the watch on and take it off your wrist so easily. Since it's tucked away out of sight, the band has a smooth and classy look.

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

Adjustment hassles

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap: What I don't like

The band's most significant issue is the adjustment. Unless your wrist is pretty large, it's likely you'll need to remove some of the band's links for a proper fit. While it's possible to do at home if you have a pin remover, it's not easy. Most people will need to take it to a jeweler to adjust for size. This is a hassle, but at least once it's done, it's done.

The other quibble I have is minor; I'm just not a fan of the adapter style. I personally prefer the gapless, tapered style adapters.

Refined style

WsC Fury Apple Watch Strap: Bottom line

This is a beautifully sophisticated and solid 316L (marine grade) stainless steel Apple Watch band. All five available colorways mix shiny and matte, so it goes with stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum Apple Watches. The design is a throwback to classic watch bands. A hidden butterfly clasp is easy to operate and stays out of the way while you're wearing the band. You will likely need to have a jeweler adjust the band to your size, as it is difficult to do without proper tools.

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