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What you need to know

  • Newly approved American Express cards can now be instantly added to Apple Pay.
  • It currently only works with consumer credit cards.
  • Apple Card is the only other card that offers immediate use after approval.

A new update to American Express will bring a brand-new feature that makes it easier to enroll your new card with Apple Pay once you are approved. The company has announced that now when you are approved for a new American Express credit card, you can instantly add that card to Apple Pay for immediate use.

The feature is similar to that of the company's own Instant Card Number feature. The new update also brings Amex customers a new Send & Split feature, allowing people to send money via Paypal and Venmo fee-free:

Send & Split is a new feature allowing card members to send money with Paypal and Venmo without the standard credit card fee, and also split their purchases and get paid back directly to their card. On the Apple Pay front, this update means card members don't have to wait for their physical card to come in the mail by instantly adding it to Apple Pay upon approval.

The feature is apparently only available for consumer cards currently, but it is already up and running for those who are approved for a new consumer credit card starting today.

The feature will be available to US customers who have been approved for a consumer card, and means you won't have to wait for your physical card to arrive before you start spending.

Up until today, the only card that could be immediately used with Apple Pay after approval was the Apple Card. Today's news opens up the ability for more credit card companies to add instant access to newly approved credit cards.

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