You can now order a Domino's pizza right from your Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners in the U.S. can now order a pizza from Domino's directly from the smartwatch. The official Domino's Pizza app has been updated today with that added feature.

Previously, the Domino's Pizza app allowed Apple Watch owners to track the progress and delivery of their food order, but now owners can actually order from the smartwatch if they have a Pizza Profile with a saved Easy Order from the company. Domino's says:

Ordering via Apple Watch is the latest addition to a growing list of technology that customers can use to place and track their Easy Order from anywhere, at any time, using any device they want," said Dennis Maloney, Domino's vice president – chief digital officer. "Apple Watch marks Domino's ninth platform in the suite of AnyWare technology."

Domino's in the UK added ordering via the Apple Watch to the app in January.

Source: Domino's

John Callaham

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