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What you need to know

  • This week, Apple announced its new iPhone SE.
  • That means the price of the cheapest iPhone is now drastically lower than it was last week.
  • As a result, you can now pick up an iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and an iPhone for less than $1,100.

The release of Apple's iPhone SE was no surprise to anyone really. Also not surprising was its stunning $399 price tag.

Even the folks at Android Central were pretty smitten by the new iPhone, especially because this $400 iPhone has a more powerful processor than the most expensive Android phone on the market.

Now, inspired by iMore reader Shaun Jenks, we've put together a phenomenal bundle of Apple Products for less than $1,100 (£1,126). In particular, this is a superb way to get a foot in the door of Apple's ecosystem for the first time. Here's how.

First up, of course, the new iPhone SE, sporting an A13 processor, the old-faithful form factor of the iPhone 8, Touch ID and a 4.7-inch LCD screen. This new iPhone is a phenomenal entry point into the iPhone lineup. Whether you've never owned an iPhone before, or need to upgrade an old model, this phone will satisfy the needs of a lot of people. Yes, you're sacrificing some features of the Pro lineup, but you're also saving at least $600 in the process.

New New New

The new iPhone SE (2020) is here!

iPhone SE (2020)

Everything old is new again.

The iPhone SE (2020) is Apple's latest low-cost iPhone and it's got everything you'd want in a sub-$500 phone in 2020.

You can vastly increase the upside to your iPhone by partnering it with an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS retails from Apple for only $199 (38mm). It is undoubtedly phenomenal value for Apple Watch, still vastly capable. As with the iPhone, you're sacrificing a couple of features compared to newer models, but don't let that sway you. If you really want the larger 42mm screen size, you can upgrade for the price of a large takeaway order, +$29.

Best Value

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS

The least expensive Apple Watch you can buy, but is still a fantastic beast.

If you're looking for a first step into the Apple Watch ecosystem or just want to spend as little as possible, the Series 3 is a great option.

Apple also still sells its iconic AirPods with Charing Case (not wireless) for just $159. For that you're getting awesome, bluetooth quality music, Siri compatibility, easy setup, and more. For just $40 more you can add the wireless charging case, adding either this or the larger Apple Watch will keep the bundle price lower than $1,100. Adding both, will nudge it over that total. If you're happy to shop beyond Apple's website, you can usually find AirPods for a whole lot cheaper than that as well, either getting a discount on this model, or by picking up AirPods with a Wireless charging case for the same price!

Unique Savings

Apple AirPods 2nd generation with Charging case

These true wireless earbuds from Apple connect easily and automatically. The H1 chip on the inside lets you access Siri and hear your text messages. You have easy music controls by tapping the earbuds, and the battery lasts up to five hours.

$122.99 $159.00 $36 off

The final piece of the puzzle is the iPad. The 2019, 10.2-inch iPad is a superb, budget friendly model that brings all of the joy of iPad without some of the cost of more premium models like the Pro. It supports Apple's Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. It's also power by Apple's A10 processor and has 3GB of RAM. You can read our full rundown as to why this iPad is the one to get here. But trust us, this is the one for you. As you can see below, again shopping beyond Apple could save you as much as $50, which would offset the cost of upgrading to a larger Apple Watch, or even let you push out the boat for the AirPods Pro!

Our pick

iPad (2019)

iPad (2019)

The budget-friendly tablet to get.

An excellent low-cost tablet, the 2019 iPad features a 10.2-inch display and support for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. A great choice for anyone looking for a small, cost-effective tablet that can still get things done.

All of this is to say that, thanks to Apple's new iPhone SE, you can now immerse yourself in Apple's ecosystem with a fantastic lineup of mobile products for the same price as a heavyweight flagship phone from Apple or Samsung. And that really is impressive.

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