Memoji stickersSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple released iOS 13.3 yesterday.
  • It adds the ability to remove Memoji stickers from the emoji keyboard.
  • Now you can forget Memoji stickers ever existed.

Apple has done the world a good deed with the release of iOS 13.3. Not only does it add a couple of features and fix some bugs, but it also finally gives users the chance to remove Memoji stickers from the emoji keyboard. Finally, finally.

Memoji stickers have previously lived to the left of the emojis in their own keyboard, and it was a constant source of frustration for anyone who just wanted to send that winky smiley face. But now we can banish the Memoji stickers for good.

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Doing that is deed easy, Once you've updated your iPhone to iOS 13.3, head into the Settings app and tap General followed by Keyboard. Scroll down a little and you'll see a new option for Memoji Stickers. Toggle that off and you can pretend that our great national nightmare never happened.

I'm not saying that you'll sleep better at night, get promoted at work, and find love because of a keyboard setting. But you might. It's that awesome!