You don't need a green thumb for the Fluora LED houseplant, now on Kickstarter

Fluora Plant Reactive Still
Fluora Plant Reactive Still (Image credit: Color and Light)

What you need to know

  • The Fluora LED Floor Plant stands at over 4-feet tall with five artisan stems and 20 leaves with 300 LED lights inside, all of it viewable at 360-degrees.
  • It's live on Kickstarter with a price of $499 (retail $699).
  • You can get Super Early backer pricing at $429, or Super Bird at $469.

When it comes to decorating the home, adding a houseplant is always a nice touch, but let's face it — we all don't have green thumbs. Fortunately, the Fluora Magical LED Houseplant is a great substitute, and honestly, it adds way more pizazz to a home than a real plant. The Fluora Magical LED Houseplant by Color and Light just launched its campaign on Kickstarter, and you can back it now.

So what is the Fluora LED houseplant? It's inspired by the traditional natural houseplant, but turns it into the world's first lighting product with a volumetric display. The Floor Plant, which is currently the only model being made, stands at 4-feet tall in a premium ceramic pot with five artisan stems and 360-degree viewing angle. It has 20 polycarbonate leaves that contain about 300 individually addressable LED lights, and they're all mapped in a 3D space. The LED lights can access 16 million different color combinations, and with the companion smartphone app, you can control the color, animation, and effect. For example, the Fluora can swirl and pulse with your favorite colors, bringing in fresh new life to your home.

The idea behind the Fluora LED Houseplant is that most digital art is flat and two dimensional, which limits its potential to transform the surrounding environment. Since the Fluora LED Houseplant has every LED light in the stem and leaves mapped in a 3D space for 360-degree viewing angles, it's much more immersive.

Fluora Game Still

Fluora Game Still (Image credit: Color and Light)

But the Fluora LED Houseplant has the potential to be much more than just a pretty piece of art in your house. The creators are also working on the Photon platform, which would make it possible to integrate Fluora with your existing smart lighting systems. With Photon, it would be possible to control and customize all of your lighting fixtures, including Fluora, as if they were a single unit. Photon also lets every Fluora plant run its own animations locally, so you have no issues with latency.

Fluora Product Shot (Image credit: Color and Light)

I spoke with two of the creators of Fluora, and they told me that they also plan to integrate HomeKit eventually. And later on, Fluora can be further customized for creating your own multi-sensory experiences, such as having your plant in sync with your music, exercise, or meditation routines. And while the Fluora website shows off three versions: Tabletop, Floor, and Hanging, only the Floor version is available right now on Kickstarter. The Tabletop and Hanging will launch sometime in 2021 — unfortunately, no idea on how much these will be.

The Fluora Magical LED Houseplant is currently on Kickstarter now until November 20, 2020 with pricing at $499 for a Floor Plant. You can be a Super Early backer and get one for $429 (only 100 slots), or an Early Bird for $469 (300 slots). The retail price for the Floor Plant will be $699 once it's out of the Kickstarter phase.

If you're interested in the Fluora Magical LED Houseplant, check out the Kickstarter page to learn more and make a pledge. And if you want to decorate your home right now, check out some of the best smart lights that are readily available.

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