Best Prime Day 2023 iPhone deals still live on day two

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Time's nearly up for Amazon Prime Day 2023. With just a few hours to go, there's still  a chance to bag one of the surprisingly good iPhone deals that surfaced from the retailer's annual sales event.

It has been a much better showing than last year, but that's not too steep a hill to climb, considering that there are actually iPhones in stock on the website this time, and some of them actually have a discount. Last year all the iPhones were pulled before the sale even kicked off!

We're tracking all of the best iPhone deals, but in all honesty, the pickings remain slim. The best way to save on an iPhone with Amazon is actually to buy renewed. Otherwise, the best deals often come with carrier subscriptions that you have to sign up for in order to get the best price. Nonetheless, we have found some worth taking a look at, especially in the UK where discounts are generous this year. 

Here are all the iPhone deals live on day two of Prime Day. 

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US Prime Day iPhone deals 

UK Prime Day iPhone deals - up to 15% off

If you're looking for a good iPhone deal there are plenty of options out there. You're likely to find better deals on other Apple products though, so if you want a new pair of AirPods, an iPad, or a Mac check out our best Apple Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime iPhone 14 deals

Amazon has a number of iPhone 14 handsets up for sale at a discount for its Amazon Prime Day event. But! Amazon rarely sells Apple's latest handsets brand new. Instead, it's offering 'renewed' — e.g, second-hand — models at a discount.

That's not necessarily a bad thing — you'll get Amazon's returns guarantee should anything be wrong. But note that part of the discount here is a result of the handsets not being box-fresh new.

iPhone 14 (Midnight, Renewed) | $799

iPhone 14 (Midnight, Renewed) | $799 $694 at Amazon

You can save more than $100 on the latest iPhone 14 models in Midnight shades with 128GB storage if you're happy to take on a second-hand handset. Amazon's return policy makes it easy to get your money back within 90 days of purchase should you have any problems. Unlocked, you can pair it with any carrier.

Price check: Apple $799 | Best Buy $799

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iPhone 14 (Starlight, Renewed) | $799

iPhone 14 (Starlight, Renewed) | $799 $694 at Amazon

Looking for a lighter shade? iPhone 14 in Starlight white is also available at over a $100 discount against RRP over at Amazon right now — but again note that this is for a refreshed, second-hand device. It's unlocked, letting you choose whichever network you want.

Price check: Apple $799 | Best Buy $799

iPhone 14 (Blue, Renewed) | $799

iPhone 14 (Blue, Renewed) | $799 $694 at Amazon

For a few extra dollars, you can get a renewed iPhone 14 in blue as part of the Amazon Prime Day sales. Again, it's a second-hand device, but represents more than $100 off Apple's usual asking price, and isn't tied to any specific network.

Price check: Apple $799 | Best Buy $799

Amazon Prime iPhone 14 Pro deals

It's slim pickings when it comes to iPhone 14 Pro deals for Amazon Prime Day — and as with the standard iPhone 14 models, you're only going to be able to get a renewed, second-hand handset. But if you're OK with a refreshed device, you can make a saving of a few bucks with Amazon's offers. Below is the only deal on an iPhone 14 Pro we'd currently recommend from Amazon:

iPhone 14 Pro (Black, Renewed) | $1299

iPhone 14 Pro (Black, Renewed) | $1299 $1225 at Amazon

Make a saving of about $75 by picking up a second-hand iPhone 14 Pro from Amazon's Prime Day sale. This is for the 512GB storage model, hence the higher asking price, so plenty of room for photos and videos and apps and games. It's unlocked too, so you're not tied to a specific carrier.

Price check: Apple $1299 

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Amazon Prime iPhone 13 Pro deals

iPhone 13 Pro Max | $1099

iPhone 13 Pro Max | $1099 $923 at Amazon

If you're happy to buy one locked to your carrier of choice, you can get the Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro max for $923 new at Amazon — cheaper even than the smaller iPhone 13 Pro.

Price check: Apple no longer available | Best Buy no longer available

iPhone 13 Pro | $999 at Amazon

iPhone 13 Pro | $999 at Amazon

The iPhone 13 Pro might not be the newest model, but it’s no slouch – from Amazon, it’s also not the cheapest. At the moment, there is no major discounted deal though.

Price check: Apple no longer available | Best Buy no longer available

iPhone 13 Pro Review

Amazon Prime iPhone 13 deals

iPhone 13 | $712 at Amazon

iPhone 13 | $712 at Amazon

The iPhone 13 is the previous flagship model of iPhone and is more similar to the latest iPhone 14 than you might think. Right now it's at RRP price for the configurations available on Amazon.

Price check: Apple $699 | Best Buy $655

Amazon Prime iPhone mini deals

iPhone 13 mini| $714 at Amazon

iPhone 13 mini| $714 at Amazon | Best Buy $555

The iPhone 13 mini offers all the great features of the iPhone 13 in its full-size guise, but with dimensions better suited for smaller pockets and smaller hands. Right now, Amazon's deals aren't too appealing — this pink model on a contract offer is the best we've seen at the moment. But the direct deal link from Best Buy below offers a good saving on RRP at $555.

Price check: Apple $599 | Best Buy $555

iPhone 12 mini | $566 at Amazon

iPhone 12 mini | $566 at Amazon

If you're happy to stick with an older iPhone, and at a smaller screen size, the iPhone 12 mini is still an excellent phone. Amazon actually has a reasonable price on this one right now, and is well worth a look if you can't stump the cash for the iPhone 13 mini. The direct deal link from Best Buy below offers a decent saving at $419, but note that's on a pre-owned model.

Price check: | Best Buy $419 (pre-owned)

Amazon Prime iPhone SE deals

iPhone SE | $429 at Amazon

iPhone SE | $429 at Amazon

The iPhone SE is the cheapest, most budget iPhone – it’s still a solid little phone, however, so it’s well worth the investment. There are currently no deals on the iPhone SE on Amazon. You'll currently get a better price at Best Buy — $404.

Price check: Apple $429 | Best Buy $404

Amazon Prime iPhone 12 deals

iPhone 12 | $788 at Amazon

iPhone 12 | $788 at Amazon

The iPhone 12 is another slightly older model, although it's still a solid little handset. This price is slightly cheaper than the full price, although you’ll soon find that you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Price check: Apple $599| Best Buy $555

About Amazon Prime Day

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a sale that Amazon puts on for a few days in the summer, reducing the prices of thousands of different products. We keep our eyes out for Apple tech, of course, but there are always some great deals to be had on other products, such as headphones, mice, keyboards, and other accessories too. Sometimes those reductions bring prices we haven’t seen yet, and won’t see for some time after – it’s a big deal. 

Do I need an Amazon Prime account for Prime Day?

Yes, you’ll need an Amazon Prime account in order to take part in Amazon Prime Day. Thankfully, you can get a free trial for 30 days so that you can get in on the deals. There are also some deals that are for everyone, even those that don’t have Prime accounts – the best deals, however, are reserved for members only. 

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day 2023 has an official date: 11-12 July. There was even a second Prime Day later last year, which Amazon called the ‘Prime Early Access Sale’ - although we don’t know fit this will happen again this year. 

Do iPhones get discounted on Prime Day?

In 2022, Amazon didn't offer any savings on the iPhone during Prime Day, pulling all of its iPhone stock the day before the official sale. This year, there are a few options but nothing groundbreaking. Regardless, other retailers move to compete with Amazon's aggressive sale at the same time, and we've had luck finding iPhone deals elsewhere in parallel sales to Amazon's offering.

Why does Amazon not have the iPhone 14 beyond second hand models??

Amazon does offer some models of the iPhone 14, but only through its renewed store. You can't currently buy a new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro.

What Apple products are in the Prime Day sale?

Every product Apple makes bar the iPhone is seeing good discounts in the Prime Day sale, that includes the iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

What is an Amazon Premium Renewed iPhone?

An Amazon Premium Renewed iPhone offers a "like-new" experience, with branded packaging, a one-year warranty, and a battery with at least 90% of its life still left. 

What is an Amazon Renewed iPhone?

An Amazon Renewed iPhone comes with a battery of more than 80% capacity and has been professionally tested, cleaned, and inspected. It has a 90-day warranty, no scratches on the screen, and none on the body visible from more than 12 inches away. 

When does Prime Day end?

Prime Day ends at midnight local time on July 12. That means you've got the whole of today left to grab a fantastic deal.

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