Youwidget HeroSource: James Shaw

What you need to know

  • YouWidget brings YouTube to your Home screen via widgets.
  • You can keep track of new videos, see channel stats, and more.

YouWidget is a cool little app that puts all kinds of YouTube information right onto your iPhone and iPad Home screen via the magic that is iOS 14 widgets.

A great way to make sure you never miss another video, YouWidget can also display channel stats and more via multiple different widget sizes and designs.


  • Live YouTube video feed on your iPhone home screen with 15-minute refresh.
  • Choose to view your subscription's videos or popular trending videos.
  • Select any YouTube channel to follow their video feed.
  • View statistics for any channel including subscriber, view and video counts.
  • Auto-refreshing feed.

The whole thing is handled by Google's YouTube developer API so you don't need to give the app your credentials and individual widgets can be customized to make sure they fit in with your overall Home screen aesthetic.

Having Twitter stats on your Home screen might not be something you think you need, but it could be really useful for the budding YouTuber, for example.

You can download YouWidget from the App Store right now and it won't cost you a penny.

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