Zenkit introduces Zenforms to better connect others

Zenforms Ipad
Zenforms Ipad (Image credit: Zenkit)

What you need to know

  • Latest entry in Zenkit's Productivity Suite
  • Forms and surveys are the focus
  • It's available on various platforms

German-based Zenkit has introduced the sixth app in its ever-grown suite of productivity apps. Zenforms provides a dynamic way to connect to others via form, survey, and quiz creation. The tool is designed to bridge the "connection between teams and the people who matter the most to them."

Zenforms allows businesses to connect with others on a more personal level by giving them a voice and acting as a conversational medium. In doing so, forms are easily created and shared online with no coding required. Use the tool to engage with the community, collect insightful data for a new product launch, get valuable feedback from customers, or collect email addresses for the company newsletter.

According to Zenkit CEO Martin Welker, transparency is baked into the new product. They explain, "Because Zenforms can be sent and used by anyone, it's critical that everyone involved understands how their data is being handled."

Zenforms Desktop

Zenforms Desktop (Image credit: Zenkit)

With Zenforms, users can access:

  • Robust GDPR-compliant data security.
  • Integration with the Zenkit Suite, which shares a single platform to provide a richer sense of data interaction and access to even more productivity tools and applications.
  • 9 different input controls, allowing you to choose from adding dates, drawings, checkboxes, references, and more!
  • Mobile-ready, meaning you can network on the go.
  • Create forms from existing data found in the Zenkit Suite, such as your Collections in Zenkit Base.
  • Filtered lists for improved data tracking.
  • Email support for sending forms and surveys and receiving instantaneous reports.
  • Duplicated data checks to ensure all data is relevant and coherent without risking the reliability of your collected data.
  • Integrated scheduling resources.
  • Sub-forms for extra layers of data collection and sharing.

Zenforms joins other members of the overall Zenkit Suite, Projects, ZenChat, Base, Hypernotes, and To Do. The app is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. For more information, visit the official Zenforms site.

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