$100 giveaway: Vote now for the 2011 TiPb Readers Choice Awards!

$100 giveaway! Vote now for the 2011 TiPb Readers Choice Awards

Have you voted in the 2011 TiPb Readers Choice Awards yet? They're your awards, after all, your chance to pick the very best iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV stories, devices, features, apps, and accessories of the year. If by some chance you haven't, if you were previously frozen in cabronite or had to cross the candy cane forest and make your way through the Lincoln Tunnel, then here's your chance to make it right.

Vote in the polls below, and then tell us your absolute favorite iOS happenings of 2011 in the comments.

$100 iTunes Gift Card giveaway

As a way to say thanks to you, the TiPb Nation, for being our absolute favorite thing about 2011, we're going to pick one of you from the comments and give you a $100 iTunes Gift Card. That's cold, hard, digital Apple media cash money, people. And it could be yours. How better to top off the holidays, and the awards? So get voting and get commenting. Like, NOW!

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$100 giveaway: Vote now for the 2011 TiPb Readers Choice Awards!



My favorite happenings..iOS 5 with notification center, and Siri..I think Siri is paving the way to the future with an intelligent AI assistants and can only get better from here...

My favourite Appley thing of 2011 was probably Siri. It really shows where the future of iOS is going; moving beyond touch to voice. Apple took Google's technology and made it human, made it ethereal. They made it approachable to normal people. Making reminders on an Android device is a geeky 'voice command'. Apple made it so you just ask Siri to schedule you an appointment.
It is a shame that is limited to the 4S at the moment, but it is clearly the trajectory for future Apple products in their lineup too, especially the iPad and the (much-rumoured) iTV.

This year saw so much come out from Apple and developers! It is so hard to choose! iPad 2 got my vote as best iOS device and I have all three. I just feel it was a big step up from the original!

The most disappointing thing was the total non-refresh of the iPod Touch. A very nice app in a category without many good choices is the Twisted Wave audio editor.

My favorite iOS thing that happened this year is Siri. It's really revolutionary and it makes everyday tasks a lot simpler. iOS 5 was a really big thing too, all those new features were very welcome and one of my favorite features of iOS 5 is the split keyboard of the iPad, it's great for typing!

iOS 5 coming out was one of the best thing that has happened in 2011. The new notification system, iMessage, and Twitter Integration all made the iPhone the best smartphone that anyone could get.

2011 was a mix of fails and success. iPad 2 was great and then followed the much dissapointing iPhone 4s. So few features were added that the differences between the 3G and 3GS seemed significant and numerous.
In regards to games, got to give the hardcore award to infinity blade 2. The really polished a story that was smooth along with new gameplay. Tiny wings was a great casual game that topped the angry birds in regards to play rather than downloads. All in all, tipb kept me up to date with the fails and success inside the world of ios. Thanks

My favorite thing in the world of iOS and Apple this year was probably iOS with the PC free element combined with Wi-Fi sync and iTunes Match.

I would have to say my favourite happenings this year was the iOS5 release with all the new features, however topping that was the i4s, which I got about a month after it was released. Siri was what sold me for sure! So my ultimate favourite happening this year was Siri, she's my new best friend!!

Notification Center and the Cloud were the biggest reason I switched to iOS! I love it, iTunes Match really make 16GB of storage on my iPhone 4S and iPad extremely manageable without breaking my wallet. And the notification center with it's Android like notification system really have made iOS a lot more updated for something that needed it since 2007. Very good year for Apple in 2011!

My favorite happening was all of the first string games iOS receives. It's crazy that games like GTA and Infinity Blade II even exist on iOS. I was using my Wii the past day and found inferior graphics after using my iPod Touch so much. ;) Anyways, happy holidays from me to the whole TiPB team and a wonderful new year. Relax for a bit, especially Rene after launching a plethora of podcasts this year ;)

Just got the iPhone and liking it a lot, could be a bit bigger screen, but I love the smaller form factor after my EVO which I still love.

My favorite iOS happening? Siri, it has already become the most lived personal assistant out there. And also it will change how we use our smartphones forever. Siri will also cut down on car accidents because you can now text hands free in the car! So Siri isn't just a game changer for apple but in some cases it's a life saver.

My best friend buying me a iPad 2 for my birthday. It's been my best friend at college. Also my favorite device of the year.

I was really disappointed that there was no new iPod touch this year. They'd better have a major upgrade next year!

The introduction of Siri was my favourite iOS feature, although I dont get to play with it directly since I gave my wife my upgrade so she could have the 4S.

My favorite iOS related event was actually being able to get an iPhone as I have Sprint and didn't have the choice of changing carriers due to being on a family plan. I can't wait to see what happens with Apple and iOS in 2012 and I know I can count on Tipb to give me all the information I will need. :)
Thanks! Happy holidays and happy new year! :)

My favorite iOS happening for the year was the continued (and seamless) compatibility between the iOS devices with the release of iOS 5.0. As a Verizon iPhone owner, I felt at times that Verizon's version of the iOS was behind the AT&T version in several ways. However, once Apple released iOS 5.0, they leveled the playing field for Verizon owners and made it easier for iPhones and iPads to "work together" since they'd now have the same iOS. In some ways, the new iOS also brought the portable devices closer to Macs (even though they essentially lost their "wired" connection) with the introduction of iCloud and iTunes Match.

Well, I just got my Dad and iPad 2 for Christmas, and I'd give him the gift certificate so he can stock up on Apps.
Why weren't RIM or WebOS/HP weren't listed in the Fail of the Year category?

I really want that $100 iTunes gift card for Christmas!!! I LOVE Siri and it's really awesome but i kinda wanted something else new with the 4S. I update every year and they better make it worthwhile... and i love how seamless the wifi sync is... the only thing i would want to change is not being able to delete photos from Photostream...

Siri is my favorite iOS happening. It is such a huge interface enhancement and such a joy to use.

Notification Center was definitely my favorite iOS happening of the year...it vastly improves day-to-day functionality.

My favorite event was Sprint getting the iPhone. Personally I'm on AT&T but I have so many co-workers on Sprint and they were all so excied to be able to get iPhones.

Havent used Siri yet but I'm really looking forward to that iOS feature the most. I set so many reminders and timers it'll be a great help. Also can't wait to explore all the features plus the ones I'm sure that are sure to follow after its out of beta.

This would be great to go towards the iPad I'm hoping to purchase for my 30th birthday and graduation present. Here's hoping!

Oh! And my favorite iOS event of 2011 is the Wifi Sync and iCloud service. Being able to set up my wifes iPhone so that she no longer has to sync to her netbook has been great for her!

So many good things this year... IPhone 4s, Siri, iMessage, Sprint getting the iPhone, notification center.

The best part of iOS for me in 2011 is getting an iPad 2. Yeah, Siri is nice, but I like my iPad, though it would be better with Siri.

I'd say the iPhone 4S, and iOS 5 was the best bit of this year. Notification Center is a godsend. This being my first iPhone, I can't imagine handling all these notifications without it.

I would have to say the iPhone for Verizon was the biggest event. It was the day the rumors finally came true.

iOS5 and iCloud would be a total tie for the best improvements to Apple in 2k11. Impatiently awaiting what 2012 has in store for the iPhone and iPad 3.

Favorite iOS happening is a tie between Notification Center and Wi-Fi Syncing.. Both great features!!.. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!!..

using iPhone 4S and iPad 2, iCloud has been a great feature. hoping that more and more apps support iCloud feature!

I was surprised that this was actually a descent poll because often these polls focus on the wrong polls. Good job on it, though I guess it helps that this was an eventful year too. My favorite things are biteSMS and Notification Center. I do like pretty much all of iOS 5 and the new things and improvements it brings to the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad.

Thank you for your perfect and a lot of chances to win very valueable prizes! So much. You're great, great and great web page about Apple.
Your giveaway is so awesome. Thumbs up.

I love my iPhone 4S, Notification Center was great for me as well as iCloud. Using an Incase Slider Case but I love the Lifeproof case concept. Apple and those that make products for Apple devices have done a lot this year.

I love the survey - it's interesting to see how other TiPb readers are voting - thanks for a great year - looking forward to 2012 and reading TiPb.

Even with its faults, Siri has been something special in my book! It's already made working wih my phone so much easier! Can't wait to see what it can become in the future!

PC Free Was My Favorite iOS happening of this year simply because I Can buy an iDevice and Don't have to rush home to Start using it.

To me, the unveiling of the iPad was the greatest moment of the year. I was planning on buying an iPad anyway, and when I saw all those features I flipped out. The best part is, I had a chance to see Steve Jobs one last time unveiling his "Next big thing". I'll miss you Steve.

My favorite thing was the notification center. I really use it a lot during the day for breaking news updates and anything from the weather.

Wifi sync is insanely useful to me. No longer need to have my phone and laptop tethered together, just being on the same wifi network makes it really easy to keep everything in sync.

WiFi sync is the best feature. It is faster, and works in the background. Your device is not tied up, while you wait for the sync to finish. Apple should have done this years ago.

Nice! I would love an iTunes gift card, especially one hundred dollars.. So many good apps and games and books and magazines in the App Store and Book store, and many apps on sale!

So, I think the iPhone 4S with the new Camera was the "feature" of the year.
With that Camera you can do good quality pictures and record 1080p videos in also at poor background conditions, like at a dusty punkrock concert / show.
I really like it.
The 2nd best thing was the Wifi sync, which makes a cordless life, easier to sync, exchange my playlists, transfer the newly bought apps.
Game of the year is for me Where is my water? because it's like Cut the rope, and I really like those type of games.
Hopefully 2012 will bring us such a new features and games as well.
Have a nice day and happy new year!
(Tipb is one of my sites I am browsing at evenings!)

I hope, Siri gets a male alternative: HAL.
Thanks tipb-team for a great year of hints and tips and precious advice!

Good poll. Notification centre was the standout-only cos there was so much room to improve. Needs something more though
I like the form of the iphone 4 so didnt mind the iphone 4s not bein redesigned-what i really wanted is a tiny little notification led light somewhere.
Wish i win the giftcard!

Notification center was the biggest deal with ios 5. The camera in the 4S was also a great hardware upgrade.

I loved the improvements to iOS 5. Brought me back from Android for good. Now for some toggles in the Notification Center and I will be happy as can be.

I think the notification center and wifi-sync are the big winners of the ios5 update. Notification is great and doesn't clutter your screen and easy to access from the lock screen.

My favorite thing this year was the iPhone coming to Verizon. In my area AT&T sucks like a leech so there was no way I was going to change back to them.

Siri was my favorite ios thimg this year. I just say "Siri wake me up at 5am on Tuesday". And it does it! So Awesome!

iOS 5 really brought a lot of great features. I'm still surprised that pc free got so few votes.

I wanted an iPhone 5 unveiled but got the 4S instead. Not a huge disappointment seeing as I was going to get whatever they released anyway haha. 3GS -> 4S. WIN!

definitely feel that Fruit Ninja should've been on the Casual Gaming! But definitely feel that SIRI is the biggest improvement on the iPhone!

I really think the iPad 2 trumped the iPhone 4S for the best gadget of the year. I think iPhone 4S feels better cause its new and fresh in our heads, but I think the iPad still wins. I can't vote for a lot of them, and I also don't want to since I don't apply and I don't want to screw up the polls for the sake of voting. I was really disappointed w/ the lack of iPod...but I guess more people are worried with the iPhone. I also had to vote for the GorrilaMobile cause im into photography.

I put the Notification Center among the biggest highlights for 2011. Not completely original and maybe not as big as Siri. But, it is broader reaching in our iOS ecosystem. I'm anxiously awaiting what Apple will do with the NC next year (especially seeing its potential in the jailbreak community).

Ipad2 is the best for me I love sitting on a bus,train,airplane or on a couch with it. Great product. Superb happy get the playbook and flash = #fail.

iPad 2 has more improvements over its previous model than the iPhone 4S has. New cameras, double the RAM, A5 processor, smart covers, and thinner profile.

Probably twelvesouth bookbook case for ipad should have been on the ipad case voting...
But i'll love if i win the giveaway. =D

I'm glad I made the switch from Blackberry.
Made me realize how outdated Blackberry is compared to the iPhone.
Blackberry has some strong features, but iPhone does everything for me without rebooting my phone every half hour or doing battery pulls every hour!
merry xmas tipb!

IMO iCloud is without a doubt the best thing to happen for iOS this year. While Notification Center and Siri, etc. are all nice iCloud is something that will stand the test of time

Great survey. I actually found some apps I have never heard of! Thanks and good luck to all for the gift card :)

Im from mexico and i really love youre site i will be very happy if i had that giftcard cause i never use one before and i will buy infinity blade 2 for my ipad

I love the seamless integration with all the other devices. iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Apple TV, iPod... everything works together perfectly.

My favorite iOS happening this year has to be getting to watch Steve's last presentation via live stream. He was an amazing inventor and will be sorely missed.

iPad 2 is definitely one of the best electronic devices ever created. Intuitive and beautiful, it has the potential to start the post-PC era by itself. I just can't wait to have it jailbroken on iOS 5 for even more possibilities. Oh, and I can hardly imagine the power of 100$ iTunes credit ;)

Love my iPhone 4 (despite the antennaegate problem). What I'm looking most forward to in 2012 is the iPhone 5 and a lower cost iPad 2! :)

Love(d) my iPad2 till I got my iPhone 4S then never used it again! My vote goes to Siri and the IPhone 4S! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone.

Had iPhone 4s been redesigned I would have blindly selected it as Apple product of the year. In my books, it's still the iPad. Waiting earnestly for the next gen iPad. Oh yeah and Ofcourse, the 100$ iTunes card tooooo!

This Reader's Choice for best iOS award has to go to size, weight, and the long battery life of the iPad2!! For a piece of hardware meant for traveling, its cordless portability is untouchable. Apple made very wise user-based choices when making those design decisions!

I'd say Siri is the biggest improvement in iOS for 2011. But the iPhone wasn't really any different on the hardware side, so I'd say the iPad 2 was the winner in hardware.

I believe that Siri is by far the most innovating concept apple has created since their release of the iPhone. Kudo's to the apple team.

I went for iPad 2 over iPhone 4S but it was close. But the iPad had bigger changes from its predecessor: cameras. I love the 4S but the biggest change was Siri.

By far it must be ios 5. This has made the experience much more user friendly and the sync is great.

The Notification Center has pushed the iOS interface to be utilized even more fluently than ever before, a fact that makes the iPhone even more of a profound communication, and lifestyle device.

Have to say, it truly was the year of the iPad 2. Those magnets amaze me. Saw them in their true glory today. My sister has the Belkin Fridge mount. GENIOUS use of the magnets!

Best thing this year was getting my wife an iPhone 4 (from a bb storm) and myself a 4s later (from droid x)!

I went Apple this year, getting an iPhone as a massive upgrade from my piece o'crap LG Ally (and Android in general...), and a sparkly MacBook Pro to replace my aging old laptop.
I'm pleased.

I had the original iPad but the iPad2 truly changed my life. I use it for all the meetings I go to as well as for entertainment purposes. Because of it I've given up my beloved Pre phone and am now an all iOS home. Thanks!

Though I don't have a 4S, nor have I even played with Siri...personally, I can't imagine myself liking it more than the Notification Center addition. I have Vlingo which is pretty cool, but I don't use it a whole lot, so I don't see myself falling in love with Siri. But I already can't imagine how I had an iPhone without Notification Center...

The 4S convinced me to jump ship from the Storm 2 to the iPhone 4S. I am very happy where I landed.

My favorite iOS happenings this year were iCloud and wifi syncing. It's awesome having those two on my iPhone now. The new notifications system is also wonderful!

TiPb, you've sure got awesome contests, polls and giveaways! The only thing that kept this from being the most amazing year for Apple was the passing of Steve. Last of all I have to tell you that I'm quite disappointed that you left out the BookBook in best cases for the iPad. It's great!

I really like the Switcheasy iPhone cases, particularly the TRIM case. Thin and protective at the same time.

jailbreak for the 4s was the best prize for the year? What, I mean, it will be the best for the year when it comes out next week (hope hope hope)

I would make A LOT of developers happy if I won this. iOS 5 was and still is the best OS... Hands down... Ask Ol' Saint Nick!!

oooo meeee... jk but i do love these giveaways. yay for xmas. cool that people are doing this. thanks and check out my tech channel

My favorite iOS happening is iOS 5 with notification center and Siri. I love how iOS devices keep me in contact with family this Hoiday season.

My favorite feature this year is AirPlay between both my phone and my apple
TV. Being able to mirror them has come in handy but AirPlay overall is just amazing I love it. I also really love iCloud. Downloading an app on my computer or iPad and knowing it will show up on my phone is just sick. The same goes for documents.

Even more than Siri, the dictation part of the iPhone 4S is amazing! iCloud, Notification Center and little tid bits that go a long way has really been worthwhile updates! Hopefully 2012 will be awesome!

My favorite happening of the year:
Notification Center
Because now users are able to configure the order they will view their notifications in, and which they want to receive and view!

iCloud is great! I love the notification center for sure! Wifi sync and imessage are great too. Apple had a great year as usual, I really liked how there were a lot more things added to ios 5! Hopefully next year there are lots more things to come! I did not decide to get the latest iPhone this year. I figured to wait until the next one comes out :)

Sure, there were a lot of changes in the iOS world, but the quality of apps from third party developers is what really got my attention. All of my favorite app purchases were created this year. I don't know what I would do without Notability for school, or Gradebook Pro for keeping track of student attendance. Quality apps for the most specific uses really make these devices shine.

I think Siri once it's fully integrated with third party apps and settings will be one of the best things we get from 5.0.

Nice present to get. Need to fill my iXxxxxx devices so $100 will go a long way to help. Good luck all and thanks TiPb.

This was a good year for device releases, and a great year for Software. I think IOS5 made the largest strides moving forward, and made the changes they needed to to be above in best of the best. I look forward to seeing what they give us in 2012.

Sure, there were a lot of changes in the iOS world, but the quality of apps from third party developers is what really got my attention. All of my favorite app purchases were created this year. I don’t know what I would do without Notability for school, or Gradebook Pro for keeping track of student attendance. Quality apps for the most specific uses really make these devices shine.

When iMessage was made available on iOS5, it was really something. The ability to finally communicate w/ friends & loved ones from / between any iOS device is priceless.

I am a huge fan of Apple.. Oh god APPLE is truly incredible. Apple turned my life to WHITE ( positive). All apple products are part of my daily life. Morning starts with IPOD NANO... FUN starts with IPAD2.... WORK starts with iMac .... Busy TRING TRING to the calls with IPHONE ....family fun starts with APPLETV....Home Work starts with MacBook .... Finally day ends with " APPLE" ( FRUIT)......

yeah!!! $100.00... I'd be downloading music, movies, and apps like crazy! oh wait... I already do that!

Yes! Keep the contests coming, I love you guys! And I would say my new 4S and it's powerful Siri have changed my life! Leave it to apple to over-advertise something to point where I'm brainwashed to use it daily ;)

No iphone redesign an epic fail, a top choice? Naw. Just epically disappointing, sale figures show it wasn't a failure, why are you people picking that one? Stop it. :-)
Speaking of picking... pick me!

My absolute favorite iOS happenings of 2011: seeing people talking to their iPhones and expecting a response (talking to Siri, in other words).
Merry Christmas all!

Netflix meltdown was epic. Almost as bad as the EU meltdown. But for a company to completely miss the heartbeat of it's customers, Netflix really messed up. I hope Apple continues to listen and provide amazing products that the consumer really needs (even if they didn't know it).