90 second iTunes previews starting to roll out internationally

IThe new, longer 90 second iTunes music previews seem to be finally rolling out internationally. They aren't available on all songs yet, and it seems hit in miss in my testing in the Canadian iTunes Store, so whether you'll get them or not, but at least some songs are going the full 90 seconds.

After a November 2010 notification to record labels Apple originally switched to 90 second previews in the US back in December of last year. Why it took that email so long to reach beyond American borders is unknown, as is how long it will take to fully roll out now that it has begun.

In an effort to crowd source this, let us know if you're seeing the 90 second previews, what country you're in, and whether or not the 90 second previews are everywhere or just on a few songs.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

90 second iTunes previews starting to roll out internationally


it works in the UK most the songs are 90sec long but i don't really buy songs out of itunes though they don't have the songs i want lol

I am excited to hear about this 90 sec for iTunes! However I wish they would just let us preview the whole song. :-)

Y im herre in here un the UK and i suddenly realised alot of the songs i had been previewing were 90 seconds it awsome i didnt realise this had been hapening in the US for so long :(

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