A Pic Inside the iPhone Factory

Pop quiz: Moms gets home, busts out her shiny new iPhone 3G, sets it up, makes ready to snazzify it another notch with some custom art, and -- Boom! -- she finds three snapshots lurking in the Camera App. Two are blurry. One's golden: A spy shot dead in the heart of the iPhone factory.

What do you do?

Post them on the intertubes, of course! (And thanks for that!)

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Rene Ritchie

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Time Tracking says:

Wow, that's nice! Thanks for the share. It would be interesting seeing this in action.

techdude says:

Now it would be nice seeing the surrounding facility!

mrHiDefinition says:

I'm pretty sure everyone who doesn't own an iPhone 3G already would rather see these in their local at&t and apple stores...

thatguy says:

haha hi def i agree very much!! i am waiting on mine to come in