Analyst predicts an iPad Pro will be launched this quarter

According to Ashok Kumar, an analyst for Rodman & Renshaw, Apple will be launching an iPad Pro this quarter aimed at the professional user. The updated iPad will include improvements to the screen resolution and have HD front and rear facing cameras.

A 'professional' iPad would have incremental improvements and possibly appeal to segments such as publishing, according to analysts. "Apple is...expected to roll out a premium version of iPad 2--a higher resolution screen, front-/rear- facing HD cameras--in the current quarter," Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, wrote in a research note today.

The new updated iPad will supposedly be sold alongside the current iPad 2 model and be aimed squarely at the professional market.

We don't normally pay much attention to analyst predictions but the news of an updated iPad model being released this year is nothing new. We are hearing the same information over and over again and from different sources. This could very well be happening; the next few months are going to be very interesting!



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Analyst predicts an iPad Pro will be launched this quarter


The Development of an Analyst Posting....

  1. I've got the coolest job ever. I get to sit around and collect a six-figure salary for guessing stuff.
  2. CRAP!! I need to post something...I've got a payment due on the Bimmer. (It's a 3 series...those things are gonna sell like hotcakes....see what I did there with the "analysis"?)
    3a. OK...Apple is always good for something. Let's fire up the PC.
    3b. Sure do love that Windows THAT'S an OS. None of this stupid animal garbage.
    3c. Come on, IE 7...don't fail me now...
  3. Hmm...what's this iPadded thingy?'s a tablet...didn't Microsoft put one of those in a coffee table once? OK...OK...focus...predict something.
  4. Well...hmm...the World Wide Web seems to think the iPaddy has an upside, and they seem to be selling a lot of them to consumers...(thinking)...(thinking)...CRAP...XP crashed...reboot.
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  6. So now...Apple Computering has never been able to sell stuff to business, right? What if they made an iPadding for business. OK...this could work. Now...what are the features?
  7. Let's see....fax modem. Check. ZIP drive....well, 50 MB is an awful lot of storage, but let's splurge. Check. Really good screen...and color! Yes! Color screen! Check. Email! Check. needs to sync with my Psion. (now THERE'S a company poised to take off...maybe Apple will buy it....YES....tomorrow's prediction!!!)
  8. So...detailed specs. Hmm... Well, let's take all the current specs and, I know...increase by 10%. Business loves that crap.
    11a. Oh...and it'll run on Linux...IOS...what kind of a stupid name is that for an operating system. It'll never fly.
    11b. And Phil Schiller has signed off on it...he's using one RIGHT NOW.
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    11d. And this thing will make IBM put an offer on Apple Computers Company.
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Apple relases a new mac about every six months. A Besides maybe they will start. Nothing wrong with an OPEN MIND.

why? Did Apple make you buy it? No they did not. It's just like buying an iPhone or ipod a week before the new ones come out.

Besides. If Apple did come out with one you'll be saying its the best thing since sliced bread.

Apple will be releasing a new March/April. No way it comes out now. They just finally got caught up with orders. If they improve screen resolution/cameras now, what do they do in March/April? Apple isn't going to release a new iphone and then a new ipad within a month of each other. They sell every ipad they produce. No reason to release a new one now. Analysts are worse at their jobs than weathermen.