Apparently any animal anatomy can be registered to work with Touch ID...

Apparently any animal anatomy can be registered to work with Touch ID

Touch ID is Apple's new fingerprint identity sensor, though it turns out it'll print far more than just your fingers. Since the iPhone 5s launched yesterday, the internet has gotten a hold of it and used it on pretty much any body part you can imagine - and a few you probably don't want to imagine - whether human or other animal.

Basically, if it's capacitive and has ridges, arches, or whorls, it can be registered and then used to unlock and authorize Touch ID. That includes toes, nipples, dog paws, and... yeah, right back to that stuff you probably don't want to imagine.

What does this mean in terms of security? Not much. Your neighbors nipple or the Monkey's Paw in the glove compartment can't just randomly access your new iPhone. Not unless you - or someone else - registers them with your device first. So rest easy, keep it classy...

And make sure you get to your new iPhone before your cat does...

Source: Half of YouTube, apparently.

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Reader comments

Apparently any animal anatomy can be registered to work with Touch ID...


Only Apple and it's users can take a variation of something that's already existing for years and make it sound like it's just been invented, than state something completely obvious to make it sound like it's bigger than it's actually been....

I don't know that anyone is acting like this just got invented.

Overnight, millions upon millions of people are suddenly using a technology that were not previously. That's significant!

Typical Raging android fanboy. Apple comes out with something and millions more people start to use it, and that's still not significant enough.

stephen007/ my comment. Yes millions of people are using it as were millions before on laptops. Finger Print scanners have been out for a long time and I give Apple big credit for taking an old technology and doing better with it with modern technology by implementing a GOOD "Variation of it" (as I said). However it's nothing new and it's pretty damn obvious that it's going to work with anything that has a pattern.

And for what it's worth I'm not a typical raging Android fanboy but I was referring to typical Apple users and the point you were trying to put across applying to them....

I just saw a YouTube video where a guy unlocked the 5s with his nose. Comedians are gonna have a field day with this.

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Well that explains that bill I just got for that huge order of gourmet dog food....border collies ARE the smartest breed after all....