Apple adds subscriptions, auto-renew, personal information sharing to iTunes Terms and Conditions

Apple adds subscriptions, auto-renew, personal information sharing to iTunes Terms and Conditions

If you're downloading The Daily, or any other app right now, from the App Store you'll be presented with new Terms and Conditions to agree to that include the new subscription service, how it handles auto-renewal, and how Apple may ask to share your personal information with publishers:

A new "In-App Subscription" section has been added to the Terms and Conditions to explain how in-app subscriptions auto-renew, how the auto-renewal can be managed and turned off, and that we may request permission to provide personal information to the Licensor for marketing purposes which, if declined, will not affect your purchase.

You'll have to agree to them before you can download from the App Store again. Since we can opt-out of the personal information sharing and manage auto-renewal I don't find anything objectionable in there. You?

Rene Ritchie

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Kei says:

I'm sorry, I'm a little bit unclear on where and when you're supposed to opt out of the personal information sharing portion. As this was a standard terms and conditions contract, and was 65 pages long, I did the standard thing and just clicked on agree. When will the applications ask you if you would rather pop out or not of the personal information sharing?

(Copy of) Dev says:

Apple really should make the opt-out more obvious, but go here in your iOS device:
Note that opt-out is per device, not per-account, so you have to opt out on every device you own separately.
I have not opted out, so I am not sure if/how to opt back in once you opt out.

NewtonRJ says:

Anyone can opt-in by going to the same website Again, by device. BTW, it is only going to work on apple iOS devices running 4.x and only on iAds products.

oklanole says:

I am getting the message "not successful because I am not on iOS 4, but I am. Latest firmware and not JB. WTH.

sherlock says:

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave!

Anon says:

I had this same issue when using stock 4.2.1 and Atomic Web Browser. i switched over to Safari, and that fixed it.

sting7k says:

How do I agree to the new terms? I tried to download app updates and get error 5002. I tried to download a free app and got the same error. Before when they updated the terms it would take me to the screen to agree to them when I tried to download an app. What do I do?

kirbini says:

You'd think that since most people hitting the opt out site will be doing so from their iPhones, that Apple would create a response page that you know, was actually readable on an iPhone
WTF indeed.

chat says:

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