Apple COO Speaks: iPhone 3G Launches in 20 More Countries

iPhone Risk May Roundup

During Apple's Q3 conference call Monday, along with App Store updates, Apple's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook, announced that the iPhone 3G would launch in 20 more countries/regions on August 22nd, some six weeks after the initial 22 country launch back on July 11th.

While we've previously known that some 70+ countries would launch during 2008, we still don't know which of the remaining 50 will be included in the second wave (or whether carrier and iTunes servers will remain up and running this time!).

Guesses anyone?

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Apple COO Speaks: iPhone 3G Launches in 20 More Countries


@John: Thanks! We're mostly self-serve. (Dieter drives us like Steve Jobs -- what shade of white is that background?! 1 pixel more funny!)

They are idiots, not able to plan demand properly and already planing the next countries. Better should focus on fixing the crappy 2.0 firmware and the MessyMe story.

Hopefully next 20's country is Malaysia...without 2years contract,Pls COO Apple be a FRIENDLY User/Consumer... Understand how Nokia hp Conquer the market all over the world... Look how the second founder Microsoft Conquer the software compare Mac !!!!!!!! I've look iPhone before but SLOW to acces with safari, without MMS (Only fm third party - i know COO u r old men/mood,Self Centred ),Out dated/OLD Ringtones & must be buy online, The Mr.Bean Personality at public also better...eventhough he only had one blazer(Color brown )!!