Apple dropping Google backend from Maps app in iOS 6, replacing with in-house map data

Apple dropping Google backend from Maps app in iOS 6, replacing with in-house map data

iOS 6's built in Maps app will no longer call on Google Maps as its back end, but will instead host an Apple-made solution. Map's will retain a Street View-style option  and 3D building functionality thanks to their acquisition of C3 Technologies, with other mapping data coming from Placebase and Poly9. The design will be similar to the current Maps app, with a minor icon tweak, but will offer a "cleaner, faster, and more reliable experience". This according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman, and confirmed by our sources.

Apple has already started to ditch Google Map data in iPhoto, so this isn't exactly a huge surprise.

We're expecting to out first glimpse of iOS 6 and hopefully some confirmation of that Google Maps is gone at WWDC this summer.

Source: 9to5mac

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Apple dropping Google backend from Maps app in iOS 6, replacing with in-house map data


This move makes me nervous.. Can we trust appear with providing up to date maps and traffic ?
This could break apple. If anything I would like more google maps functionality on my iPhone.. I envy google maps on my coworkers android, it's so much better on an replaces a gps

"Can we trust appear with providing up to date maps and traffic ?" -- Apple can buy raw data from the same supplier(s) Google uses... so yes, Apple et al can be trusted with providing up to date maps and traffic.

The reality is that Google probably doesn't want to support the platform anymore. I'm surprised they even allowed Apple to piggyback off their servers and systems for this long. They're trying to move Android, why would they give a competitor such a major advantage?
I imagine that Google and Apple sat down when Android first starting gaining momentum and Google said "we don't want to support you anymore starting in 2012." Apple said "ok we'll find another way." And everyone left the party happy.

Apple isn't piggybacking. Commercial use of Google maps over a certain volume requires payment. I'm pretty sure there has been an exchange of a large sum of money for the use of Google maps every year.
Now Apple probably doesn't want to use a direct competitor's services for a core feature if they can use something else, which is what they are doing here (they're probably looking at options to move their manufacturing away from Samsung too)

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Actually, google is all about the data mining, so it makes perfect sense they would allow/want their services uses, its apple who is not wanting to support that services with the now competitor.

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Oops, had the German keyboard turned on and above is what Siri turned my English comments, repeated below, into; I've left the above just for the lulz.
The non-Google iphone maps I've seen up until now are really, really, really ugly!

I'm ready. what good is asking Siri for directions when you're driving and google maps pops up? I need turn by turn directions.

The native Maps app is good at what it does... for turn by turn navigation, there are apps for that. Navigon is my preferred app...

Personally I wouldn't trust a data connection for routing and maps. I've been in several places where I needed to map a new route and didn't have any signal.
I also find that Google Maps grossly overestimates travel time. I suppose it is better than underestimating, but sometimes it can be way out. For example a recent trip took just under 8 hours excluding stops. TomTom quoted the route as taking 7hrs 49mins, which was pretty much spot on. Google Maps quotes 8hrs 55mins for the exact same route with no traffic issues.
As I often use Google Maps to quickly check out a route at my computer I have also seen it give some slightly odd routes whereas I don't have that issue with TomTom. YMMV.

Google Maps uses speed limits to calculate time. Tomtom's and Garmin's update the time continually based on your current speed. I usually take what google maps tells me and subtract about 5-10% of the time.

I agree that if you are using you iPhone for GPS fuctionality, you need to go with a GPS app. I have been very happy with the Garmin App. I've been usinging since December and is better than my stand alone Garmin GPS becaue of the web connectivity.

I for one don't trust Google as far as I can throw them. I'd be willing to sacrifice short term issues for a long term solution from Apple.
Also, curious to see if they're also planning to add a mapping feature to iCloud as well or if it's intended only for iOS/Mac OS.

Is Apple going to drive cars around the world protographing steets too? I doubt it, so their maps solution will never be as good as Google Maps.
Sorry, but this is bad news for the user. Unlike Google Maps, Apple maps will be good for big cities and major countries, and lame for everything else, just like OpenSteetMap.

You need to check out C3 Technologies. It’s a 3-D rendering of the entire globe, used by the military to put weapons on target anywhere on the globe. With this software not only can you tag (drop a pin) which building someone or something is in, which is the limit of Google maps. This new mapping system can tell you which floor. Takes "Find My Friends" to a whole new level.

It is a big miss if you unfortunately are missing it! I use it regularly.
Tap on a pin for a location (so the grey text bubble displays coordinates or name of location). On the right end you see the blue arrow to give you more info, on the left end you see a orange circle with a dude in it - that's Street View!
Hope this helps.

Drop a pin on a street you think there might be a street view.
Wait a second to see if a figure of a little man pops up.
Click on the figure.

Re: "cleaner, faster, and more reliable experience"
It's about damn time. The current Maps is clunky, slow, and ugly. Both Google and Apple are to blame for that.

I don't know if Google is stifling Maps on iOS or not but I welcome this change. A couple weeks ago I used Maps on my iPad and it blew my mind with the lack of features compared to Android. I literally was frustrated with it, which does not happen often.
So...I welcome the change in hopes Apple can provide a decent Maps app, which it doesn't have now.

^ This. I find Google Maps on my Galaxy Nexus to be vastly superior to Google Maps on my iPhone 4. The iOS version is OK and gets the job done, but the Android version just has more features and functionality that I wish the iOS version had. That's one thing I found frustrating after having used my GNex for a while and then going back to using my iPhone 4.
As long as Apple do at least as good a job on their version of Maps as Google is doing with theirs, I'm cool with it.

Google Maps is crap because they block Canada and Siri functionality for directions and local search results (ie. Where is the closest Tim Hortons?)
Now Apple won't need to worry about licencing anymore with this, and can roll out global functionality for Siri directions, instead of what they do now.
Canada to this post date STILL does not have directions, and we're one of the biggest users of iOS! It's a good thing Bolivia got it before us..

I said it before and i'll say it again. Google should take all of services from ios. No more maps, gmail, youtube, etc... Why wait until Apple gets there own services and kicks them to the curb. What if you couldn't watch youtube on ios.

All I can say is I hope apple knows what they are doing. By removing Google maps, they better have a equivalent or better app up their sleeves. If not, it would be a huge blow to apple. With search, Google is tough to beat. Bing isn't terrible but not good. Yahoo just plain sucks. Can't wait to see what apple will release!

Really, Apple? Spend the time to improve the iOS by tweaking the (oft-noted) lapses in the OS and its included Apple apps, rather than devoting energies to dumping a maps program that mostly works and building your own.

I don't WANT a pretty 3d view.
I don't CARE about a gimmick.
I want good simple map data that has the coverage all over the world that Google has, and nobody else does.
I do NOT BELIEVE for a second Apple has the data or coverage, Street View or independent support.
I do NOT BELIEVE for an instant Apple will allow Google to provide their own Google Maps app for the iPhone for those that despise Apples new "pretty 3d map".
I NEED A SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE Good maps app that has data where I need it. Not Infinite Loop... in MY COUNTRY, not the USA. Apple, do NOT MESS THIS UP, this app is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE ON MY PHONE. If you ruin this and do not provide an option to go back to the old data, which if anyone knows apple, knows they will, I will first not upgrade and secondarily never buy a single thing from Apple again.
I can't even fathom where Apple's going to get the necessary coverage for this. I can tell you from personal experience Openmaps does not provide necessary coverage in other countries, or even come close. I -need- Street View, and it works FINE as it is. The only right thing they can do is let Google make their own map app. The web app is too slow and completely inadequate.

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