Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8, aims it head-on at iOS 6

As part of their Windows Phone Summit today, Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8, the next generation of their next generation mobile phone operating system. Already surprisingly simple and elegant, Microsoft now seems ready to amp up the power and features of Windows Phone 7. And a lot of those features seem aimed squarely at Apple's upcoming iOS 6. Our Mobile Nations sibling site, WPCentral is live at the event, and here's what they've seen.

Latest and greatest hardware support

This one was a no brainer -- Windows Phone will now support multi-core and much higher resolution displays, including 800x480, 1280x768, and 1280x720 (15:9 for the two, 16:9 last). The Nokia Lumia 900 has a screen density nowhere near what it should have been for its size. This fixes all that and catches up to the leading edge Android phones on the market.

They've also added MicroSD support. (Which Apple will be adding never.)

Internet Explorer 10

Included in Windows Phone 8 will be what Microsoft claims is a feature-complete version of the desktop Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10). That includes SmartScreen, HTML5, and JavaScript performance which Microsoft claims beats Android 4.x on the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the iOS 6 beta on the iPhone 4S.

It is slightly douchey to benchmark prototype Windows Phone 8 hardware against 9 month old iOS hardware running beta software. (And does that break Apple's NDA?). But it is what it is, and almost everyone does it.

Mobile Nations will run our own tests on an iPhone 5 when it ships, as well as whatever Android and Windows Phone devices are on the market at the time.

But credit where it's due. Microsoft is one of the very few not using WebKit -- the rendering engine behind Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome -- in mobile and, in stark contrast to the Pocket IE 6 days, they seem intent on keeping it absolutely competitive.

Native gaming

Microsoft is giving gaming developers C++ and DirectX to work their wonders with on Windows Phone 8, which is a huge step up. Microsoft is aiming to have gaming go from Windows to Windows Phone, which is smart. Curiously, there didn't seem to be any mention of Xbox, though Xbox Live is already in Windows Phone.

Apple has provided direct Objective-C, OpenGL, and an increasing set of APIs for developers since the iOS SDK launched in 2008, and with iOS 6 will be doing Game Center and AirVideo from Mac as well, making for a fairly awesome intra-platform gaming experience.

It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft ties their ecosystem together.


At first glance, Windows Phone Wallet looks to be a hybrid of iOS 6 Passbook's repository and Google Wallet payment system. So, not only can you keep all your cards, coupons, tickets, etc. in one place, but you can pay right from the phone as well.

There'll be a dedicated Wallet Hub for everyone, but proper payments look like they'll need a TPM secured SIM card.

Apple hasn't announced any NFC (Near Field Communications) plans yet, but it wouldn't be surprising if Passbook was already set up with this in mind, and the PassKit framework wasn't abstracted and modular enough to, for example, swap out QR Codes for full on NFC in future hardware...

  • Microsoft announces Wallet for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Maps

Microsoft used to license NavTeq data for Bing Maps. Nokia owns NavTeq. Microsoft partners with Nokia. So Windows Phone 8 will now simply use Nokia Maps.

That leaves Google with Google Maps, and Apple with the only other supplier of map data, TomTom's TeleAtlas, for iOS 6 Maps.

New Start Screen

Windows Phone 8 updates the tile-based Start Screen, adding more customizable sizes and colors, and removing the old "gutter" so they go full screen.

I'm not a huge fan of Windows Phone tiles. They aren't as easily distinguishable as icons or as informationally dense as widgets. Microsoft means them as a best-of-both-worlds but to my eyes they're the one aesthetically displeasing part of the otherwise gorgeous Metro UI. And this all just makes a bad thing worse.

Still, if you are a fan of Titles, there's more of them to love.

Windows Phone 7.8

Owners of almost brand new Windows Phones, like the Titan 2 or Nokia Lumia 900 won't be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Instead they'll get a Windows Phone 7.8 booby prize which brings the new look, but not the new APIs needed to keep those phones relevant.

And that's, frankly, pathetic. Microsoft should have planned better. Can you imagine the much older iPhone 4S not getting iOS 6 but getting an iOS 5.5 build that had the new colored status bar but didn't maintain API compatibility?

Microsoft should have made sure any device sold in the last year had hardware specs that would maintain compatibility. I feel sorry for my Windows Phone friends on this one.

More on Windows Phone 8

That looks to be about it for the announcements. Dan Rubino, Rafael Rivera, and the entire WPCentral team are now watching the demos and digging into the details, and they'll have more -- much more! -- to come. So if you're at all interested in Windows Phone 8, head on over and check out all the info:

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Just because a MicroSD card slot is added, it doesn't mean Apple is behind any sort of curve.....
    It just means Apple isn't adding useless features.
  • how is having a micro sd card useless...just cause apple dont have it dont make it useless...millions of people rely on micro sd card...i dont get any phone without a micro sd card as i keep 1 sd card with all my photos,music,video and evertime i get a new device all i need to do is put im my sd card and am ready to go..the cloud is good for backup etc but with limited data only available streaming music or videos will eat through your data in a day.
  • i would assume jobs was going to eventually get to the point were they have enough servers to not limit the amount of data stored on there servers. but either way sd card slots are not useless, me personally i never use them because i have an iphone, but then again i never have needed one either. but thats me
  • u mean to say.. added memory is useless feature?? god u r stil in the spell of jobs.. wake up...
  • Bravo Sidh and Taz, couldnt have said it better myself ! :)
  • MicroSD on an iPhone would make life so much easier. Save your music and pictures on it so that if you have to restore it you don't have to waste time reloading everything. It's already there.
  • i suppose i have never thought of that mainly because i have never had to restore my iphone. that is a pretty good idea, i like it.
  • Rene never said it would put Apple "behind the curve." And just because you find it useless, doesn't mean millions of other people follow that same train of thought. Some people would love to have microSD access on their iPhones, I'm not one of them, but they're out there. Apple won't ever add microSD capabilities because it's one more thing to make their product less elegant and more complicated (even if it's just ever-so-slightly). As ANY Apple fanboy will tell you, Apple is all about elegance and simplicity... at damn near ALL costs.
  • A microSD slot is just an added extra.. In my opinion all mobile phones will be going in the direction of the iPhone.
    In the near future with cloud based systems and faster handsets and internet services a massive memory or added memory wont be a selling point for any handheld device.
  • Only a true Apple fanboy would call add on memory useless. The mothership would be proud of you.
  • OK..U did find one advantage...but its not relating to any kind of a
    OS superiority over iOS... its like saying Balmer's brain is relating to his head size and not to his body proportions, as he is trying to prove since that red hared nerd retired :)
  • So far - extremely impressed with what I've seen from Microsoft in the past couple days. The tablet looks incredible and the phones are looking stellar.
  • Did you see when the new tablet locked up during its unveiling? Classic windows. I look forward to not ever wanting one.
  • Ya... so new, unique and innovative... shame just Apple did it before...
    this magnetic cover attachment may come after the legal battle is over
  • Douchey? Apple will do the same thing when iOS 6 launches. They'll compare to, most likely, the SIII or Evo "3". MSFT can only compare it to what is available.
    I also think it is a far stretch to say it is aimed at iOS 6. They've been working on this for many months prior to even knowing what iOS 6 has available. I believe they are doing what they see is best for their market [their customers and potential converts] regardless of aiming at iOS 6 or Android "Jellybean".
  • For clarity, Evo "3" means the whole HTC One line.
  • It'll be just as douchey when Apple does it :)
    And yeah, of course it's aimed at iOS 6, as much as iOS 6 is aimed at Android and Jellybean will be aimed at iOS 6.
    No one is in this to lose. Which is great for us :)
  • And of course by that line of reasoning, iOS 6 is also aimed at WP8.
  • i dont recall apple ever comparing their products to others in the sense of better. i do know that they compare sales and they compare how many people have updated their os and how many phones they have sold. but i dont THINK they have compared actual software quality... feel free to prove me wrong
  • I can think of at least one example where they did. Last year, when they compared camera speed vs a Motorola phone (Bionic maybe?)
    Anyway, I'm sure there are other examples. All companies do this sort of thing.
  • Oh boy have they. The most recent is Tim Cook showing off Twitter for iPad vs Twitter on the Galaxy Tab (I think). It was hilarious because at the time Spotify on the iPad was egregiously as bad as Twitter for Android tablets.
  • iOS6 couldn't be aimed at WP8 unless Apple would use a time machine...
    the real question here is : which hardware did they use to benchmark the WP8 on ... ??? Mr.Soft's Quantum PC ??? :) beam me up Scotty
  • I'm not sure what else MS could have done to satisfy people here. Multiple people are reporting that Safari on iOS6 beta runs these benchmarks 17-25% faster that does iOS5. (Possibly due to the new low level js interpreter?)
    Had Microsoft compared against iOS5, they no doubt would have been pilloried by the same people for not comparing their prerelease browser against the fastest (prerelease) Apple has to offer.
  • Exactly and nice(!!!!) on the low-level JS. I didn't hear about that. :-D
  • My point is you can't aim at what you don't know about/can't see. By saying they are aiming at something they can't see or have little to no [more like no] knowledge about makes it seem like they're concerned about iOS 6 and playing the match or beat game and I don't see that here.
    Some things you can guess is coming [Facebook, etc] but MSFT has been going their own route with WP7.x and WP8 continues that path, which is miles away from iOS or Android in numerous ways.
    I could be reading it too literally but that statement rings terribly misguided and at a minimumone-track minded.
  • This might be the last time I read an article from this site. I've never seen such a pathetic article written by the world's biggest baby who cries about every great feature if it's on a competitor's device.
    I don't mind the comparing and contrasting but the moaning and bitching needs to stop Rene.
  • Again, HUGELY positive post. What's not to love about Windows Phone 8. (Except the tiles, I don't like the tiles). Leaving Windows Phone 7 users behind is utter bullshit though. That shouldn't be acceptable on any platform. It's worse than iOS 6 not supporting iPad 1 or iPod touch 3, and everyone is bitching about that.
    Howsabout you go troll there for a while?
  • At least they are clear and upfront about it. I'm sure many iUsers get confused over upgrading to iOS x.x but finding that they don't get the same features on their phone as on the newest iPhone. Siri, 3d maps, turn by turn, ...
  • well i think the article was pretty fricken decent. either way ryan kempt you are a whiney d bag :P as far as people being confused to was iphones will be upgraded to the newest IOS, if they have time to complain about it im sure they had time to watch the keynote that apple takes time to put on the website for the ENTIRE WORLD to see... imo.
  • ya...@least they are clear and upfront about that they give a big fat F
    about the customers... all they want is pick pocket their's money
    same as Nokia still sells Phones with long-death Symbian to some poor
    people around the world and will still be selling WP7 hardware,even after
    Mr.Soft's death kiss... from Redmond with love ... ait :)
  • I agree. iOS 6 reaching back to the iPad 1 is far less of an offense than WP7 devices being stuck. I do give MSFT credit for not lollygagging around like Android ODMs, leaving their users in a limbo hoping to get an upgrade.
  • U're right Rene... trolls... should all stay at they're Droid-cages or WP-centrails... U made a gut point, if someone just bought an brand new WP7 phone its already obsolete !!! customers surely feels like being shafted with no lub on...
    its the same nasty behavior like GooglOS: give us your money and f@x off !!! the nexus next one please!!!
  • You are not a reporter or a journalist...... you are a apple stenographer.
    "They've also added MicroSD support. (Which Apple will be adding never.)". Ya, because they want you to buy the more expensive model. Apple users pay more for apps, they pay more for everything and get less.... and you look like a apple user too....
  • So apple only adding bits and pieces to the older phones is OK but Ms doing the same thing isn't? Apple better watch out Ms is bringing the big guns and these minor updates adding things that have been around for awhile isn't going to cut it
  • I hope Windows Phone 8 is highly successful: it simply drives companies to be more innovative and provide more features.
    I happen to love my iOS devices: i can only imagine the innovation will increase now... a win for Windows Phone 8 is an indirect win for iOS users too. Just my opinion :)
  • absolutely
  • You make too much sense... stop it.
  • Their new start screen looks a lot like the android, KDDI’s iida Infobar.
  • Well, it looks like apple are about to get thier ass kicked this year. After lack luster iphone 4s, than the recent snoozer IOS 6, it's clear that apple has gotten comfortable and without Steve Jobs there to reject lack luster ideas, things will eventually go down hill.
    The one stinking feature I wanted from IOS 6 was missing in action: iFiles. Im sick and tired of not being able to access files from one app with another. For example I created a nice file from Pages that I would like to print, but my print-app CANT see the damn file to print it and apple's Pages doesn't support my printer which apparently every other printing app from the app store do. They failed to give me the one important and practical feature my iphone needs, but they offer me Passport which I'll never use.
    Worst thing is, if rumors hold true and the next iphone comes with a LONGER screen instead a bigger proportionate one, that will definitely be it for me. I already can barely stand how tiny my 4s screen looks, so to still have every be the same size except I can see more would not be a benefit for me. I guess Steve Job was the real genius behind Apple and with his death, comes nothing but dissapointments so far.
  • Steve Jobs was the one who made us keep the 3.5" screen - anything bigger in his mind wouldn't allow for one handed use. I too want at least a 4.3" screen like most any other decent phone on a competitor. The 4.8" on some would be even better. Now that Windows Phone has Audible support I think I will be switching.
  • I love this site. Rene I love the articles. If you don’t like his stuff then don’t read it. He is doing his job and all most of you do is complain. Go write you own articles somewhere else and you will find it’s not as easy as you think. Keep up the great work imore team. Thanks
  • +1:)
  • After seeing both this and the Surface, Apple's "improvements" are looking kind of weak. But hey, we can look forward to the long, skinny TV remote iphone 5 coming in the fall.
  • Hmmmm. Let's see, iPhone 4S is the ONLY piece of hardware WP8 can compare to from Apple, Rene. It is not "douchey", MSFT is simply comparing their best to Apple's best, and in this case, WP8 > iOS 6. Wallet is a combination of NFC payments and the Passbook app that iOS 6 has. Windows Phone offers the best implementation of mobile payments now. Tiles, last time I checked, iOS's ugly gradients behind skeumorphic app icons are no help until the app is clicked. Even the weather app has a permanent 73 degrees on itself even though Apple is capable of having that number update live. Tiles are beautiful, easy to see, and LIVE. At least Microsoft doesn't bring artificial knobs and disgusting skeumorphic leather on every aspect of their OS. For existing Windows Phones getting WP 7.8, that is all Microsoft could have done. They did not expect traction of their newly launched OS. Now, Windows Phone 7.8 brings everything that the hardware is capable of. This is also an OEM fault. If Nokia wanted, they could have hidden a quad core processor only to be activated by WP8. But imagine the outrage consumers would feel if they paid for hardware that they couldn't even use yet. Microsoft had little to none control over supporting these devices as the OEMS were not making them powerful enough to support the new OS. Remember, Microsoft only makes the software to the hardware. If Nokia wanted, they could slightly skin WP 7.5 to support higher end processors and displays, but they didn't. Microsoft is not to blame for that. As for iOS 6, the pathetic little thing Apple calls an UPDATE, it frankly is horrible. It should have been iOS 5.5. 3D maps? Cool, only if it would work in 90% of locations where it doesn't. It is also only available in one country. It's a gimmick, not useful. And Siri, all those sports updates and movies info could have happened overnight, but Apple thinks its worthy of being in a major update. Facebook integration, great. Now I can do everything that Windows Phone 7, yes 7, had for all eternity. Oh, and if Epic games wanted to, they could easily create a new Infinity Blade with even better graphics than the iOS version. Lastly, think of the opportunities that WP8 has with OEMs. Imagine the HTC ONE 8 or the Nokia Lumia 1000 and even Samsung Galaxy 8. Cutting edge hardware that will always have higher specs and try to have better design (look at the Lumia 900 that kicks iPhone 4S like a piece of trash). WP 8 has turned WP 7's potential into true power that will give Apple a hard run for it's ugly, 2007 design. I respect Apple for the only reason that it reinvented the phone. But now, It lags behind. Tim Cook so far has not introduced a single major change. No new features that were not already expected. Same design iPad, iPhone, and the rumors of the next iPhone, look horrible. Everything he has done so far has been expected and nothing new. I think it's time for a desperate one more thing...
  • hey moron try reading the article again... they were comparing their complete os to apples beta that hasent even bet put out to the public. he was saying that it would make more sense to compare to IOS5.
  • Hey moron, iOS beta is supposed to be even better with Javascript. If Microsoft were to compare WP8 to iOS 5, that would embarrass Apple even further. And last time I checked, Windows Phone 8 is still a beta. Are you demented? I think YOU should read the article again before commenting dumb remarks that make no sense.
  • By saying they you actually mean WE... ait???
    interesting to see the WP8 crew member here !!!
    among all the usual Androfreaks and Mr.Softie's trolls...
    why don't U all stay at Droid-cage or WP-centrail
    ... nothing better to do ???... i see
    Rene made a gut point, if someone just bought
    an brand new WP7 phone its already obsolete !!!
    its the same nasty behavior like GooglOS:
    give us your money and f@x off !!! next one please!!!
    that's why Apple will always win on long end,
    even with smaller innovations...
    that's why WP8 will have the same destiny as :
    WP6, WP7, ZUNE, Curier or project Pink
    plai-ya for sure a sta la VISTA ... baby
  • Or maybe it will have the same fate as Office, or Windows, or SQL Server, or Direct X, or the XBOX, etc. yes Microsoft had some duds you mentioned, butnitmhas also had some incredible successes. Too early to tell which way this will go,mbut it looks like MS is in for the long haul, slow and steady like Office and Windows.
  • ya... or slow and steady like working on Vista for how many bloody years
  • Not only that, if someone buys a WP between now and late fall, its already obsolete!!!!
  • "It is slightly douchey to benchmark prototype Windows Phone 8 hardware against 9 month old iOS hardware"
    WTF? As many time as Apple does this. Hell, everyone does this because HARDWARE isn't ALL RELEASED AT ONE TIME. That was a douchey comment to make.
  • Can anyone else hear the war drums? I LOVE IT!! :)
    ... ...
  • Windows 8 phone huh?
    I will say that I like what Microsoft is doing by unifying the UI between all their devices.
    Fact: Windows 8 in all it's variants hasn't introduced anything "new". Metro is more of a "style", or maybe more bluntly, a theme. They've only introduced a new interface 'arrangement', by placing features in a way that really integrates, quite nicely,  communication between social media & phone & txt. Which seems to be the biggest reason to get a windows phone; and i'll definitely be defaulting to the legacy look on Win8 after upgrading my desktop.  (Personally, the longest my Facebook acct has been activated was two weeks, & that's only because I forgot to deactivate it a week earlier.  I use twitter, maybe 3-4x's a quarter, only to complain to some dev about a bug or request an app feature or something like that. Not really to communicate regularly.) I know I'm in the minority but let's not act like Microsoft is reinventing the wheel or introducing another Kinect with this Metro B.S.
    Microsofts UI unification really, really, makes Android look bad! LOL!  I would love to see all capable Droid devices updated to the latest version, as it pushes Apple and now MS, by showcasing its latest fts in mass.  Competition is so freakn great and I'm liking that MS is making a real effort.  Not like, ahem, Google, by blatantly  copying iOS.
    MS phone: not for me. 
    MS tablet: the touchscreen ultra book with a removable keyboard? No thx.  Already got a laptop  :-P
    With all that said, keep it up Microsoft!  Ha!  I just wish they'd spend some of those billions less on interface change/arrangement/style/theming, and put it towards human interface improvement.  Like they did with Kinect & gaming systems.  Either MS or Google should buy Nuance and pump big dolla's into it and give us the future!  Siri is only an appetizer that's headed in the right direction.  I want more dangit!
  • You've cut & pasted this same post on at least 3 different sites. lmao
  • competition is good don't know why everyone gets so upset on both sides of the fence. I am a fanboy but don't agree with everything apple does but they have the most solid solutions so far. I don't want to fix my toys after i get off work. I would like a new ui anything for a change really but i wont leave my apps as i depend on them daily and enjoy them as well. here is hoping that ios6 has some new design elements.
  • I really want MS to do well with Win8. It's a cliche, but competition is good. The biggest surprise today is that I think their e-wallet solution could be a winner.
    And speaking of competition, if Apple can flex some muscle this year, they will deflate most of that competition. Android on tablets is a disaster, android phones, however popular, are a version/skin mess, and these days MS is as likely to shoot themselves in the foot as actually pull something off. But Apple seems to be acting more like a bean-counter and lawyer run company these days, so maybe the door is open.
  • This update is more for developers than end users. Very few features. BUT it is akin to the change from leopard to snow leopard... 32 to 64bit. It doesn't look like much but it sets the framework for a larger update in the future. They just included the maps and the wallet as crumbs for users but developers will really be able to make desktop style apps for the phone. Very impressive and looking forward to what comes out of it. If I can play multiplayer MW3 on my phone on steam.... well that would be pretty cool.
  • This is a developer preview, not a consumer preview. I can assure you Microsoft will have a press release for the consumer preview in the coming months before fall hits and WP8 launches. As of now, Microsoft only has two weak points: Apps (which should see a significant boost since the Shared Core announcement), and releasing updates to everyone (which should somewhat resolve as Microsoft promises 18 months of support from launch of WP8 devices). Rest in peace iOS 6. I bet people ar already counting days off until WWDC 2013.
  • This is a developer preview, not a consumer preview. I can assure you Microsoft will have a press release for the consumer preview in the coming months before fall hits and WP8 launches. As of now, Microsoft only has two weak points: Apps (which should see a significant boost since the Shared Core announcement), and releasing updates to everyone (which should somewhat resolve as Microsoft promises 18 months of support from launch of WP8 devices). Rest in peace iOS 6. I bet people are already counting days off until WWDC 2013.
  • Now after identifying ur self joe awesome me belfiore
    tell us if Mr.Soft does pay U for this Spam here
    go drum somewhere else for ur's colors... moron
  • Hey! Learn English firstly, secondly, Microsoft doesn't doesn't pay me for anything. Read the headline, moron. Its a Windows Phone 8 discussion. You comparing the truth that Windows Phone 8 is better than iOS to being spam is stupidity. Awesome Me says "Don't make me explain how Windows Phone smokes your pathetic iOS 6 update
  • Hey, awesome SPAMER JOE... u're right English isn't my native... its just one among other 7 languages I many do U know except of
    Redmondlish??? if Mr.Softy doesn't doesn't pays U for anything than U must be working there for free... even a blind man could smell U'r roots
    ... in which hell is WP8 better than iOS ???... don't be a silly Joe !!!
    if U would read Rene's articles before and not just coming here for trolling and spaming U would understand, why WP7WP8METRO UI is just a funky style, which confuses more than it helps... and puts UX far behind
    even SB on iOS... BDW...send my regards to the 5 pounds dancing gorilla
  • Apple is falling behind... can't keep sitting on your laurels. I know the isheep will freak out but the truth hurts. And i love tech just sad to see apple going this route
  • I'm really looking forward to this. And again, mainly because I like Windows 8, and want a truly innovative and refreshing counter to Apple and Android, who are dominating the mobile space right now. I want iOS 6 to be outstanding. I want the next Android OS to be ridiculous. I also want BB10 to be wildly successful. Why tear down or secretly (publicly) hope everything other than what YOU bought sucks? Who does that help?
    I like Apple - some of the users, though... (self-proclaimed "fanboys", ugh) You're worse than Cowboys and Lakers fans.
    Rene is obviously an Apple fan, which is to be expected. Sometimes, his subjectivity overrides his objectivity, sure. I happened to think this was a rather smooth, minimally-biased article, actually. Not sure why all of the backlash. Then again, I did just come from reading A.T. Faust's article on the same subject over at AppAdvice, so my judgment may be skewed. THAT guy will make you loathe Apple and its supporters.
  • I'm not an Apple fan. I work for an Apple site. This is my beat. It's like a reporter in the U.S. covering an announcement in Russia or China. It's just a point of view.
  • If you are not an Apple fan, maybe you shouldnt be working for an Apple site. With all due respect, your motivation for iOS 6 is one that is forced upon you and therefore alters your views.
  • Rene... please would You be so kind and kick out this Mr.Soft's professional spamer here finally ... thank from every Joe average reader
    and iMore fan !!!
  • Did you use Siri dictation to type that out? Because I cant decipher any part of that comment
  • Just because this guy has a different opinion that you he must go? Sounds like someone has sand in his or her vagina. This guy argues with facts and all you isheeple get all emotional and start looking for some rope and a tree. Pathetic if you ask me. I read all of Mobil nations sites and this one is by far the most biased. imore is full of apple stenographers. No one on this site is capable of writing a non biased article. If apple announced tomorrow that they were commingle out with a device with similar features as windows phone 8 or the tablet everyone on this site would be saying how great and revolutionary it is.......epic fail imore
  • OK... which part of F off exactly didn't U understand??? Mr. Joe Softie
    hey...b.. he isn't just a guy... he is Mr.Softs employee, trying desperately to make promotion for his WP8 between iOS users here...
    that's why I suggest to put him, where he and U belong: in WP Centrash i feel sorry for U that U start to think about some rope and a tree...
    after buying the newest and greatest WP7 device :) ... just relax man...
    if U'r hardware is MICRO and SOFT... go download latest viagrOS update :)
  • Do you honestly think that the Managing Director of Windows Phone would be hanging out in an Apple blog and start punching out comments? B is right. If it wasnt for people like B and I, this blog would be a brainwashing tool, not a news site. People like you, Okli, hardcore fanboys of skeumorphic design, are why no one is having a say in this blog about the competition. You guys are like RIM, didnt care that the next big phone was here so ignored it. Maybe, iPhone bloggers ignore Windows Phone because although it has trivial marketshare, they know it is elegant, fast, fluid, and fun.
  • U wish U would be Managing Directal, U're just a lil Joe private there...
    it is WHAT???.... What the hell are U been smoking those days boy??? :) ...elegant, fast, fluid, and fun... U must be talking about iPhone...ait
    if not, than U either must been brainwashed or punched by this 500 pounds dancing gorilla... :) ... o boy ... U made my day
  • @okli have you ever used a windows phone? I dont think so. After using 2 iPhone 4S's, one iPhone 4, one iPhone 3GS, 2 iPod Touches, 1 iPod nano, 1 Macbook Pro, 1 Apple TV, 2 iPad 2's, and one Airport Express, I know iOS, OS X, and much more than you do. You dont know what I know Okli. You dont have any field experience with mobile devices. You simply dont know what I know.
  • Uuuuuuh...says who...egg talking to the chicken? old are U to say that??? ...U don't know what i don't know...sounds like this song from
    Sunny and Share... what kinda drugs they give U those days in Redmond?
    Two iPhones 4S and 2 iPads 2... in the same time... U must be an Alien
    If U would be really buying and using all that Apple devices U would be an Apple fan and not an Microtroll...its make a huge difference if U use them for private or as a working tool for spying, copying or what ever reasons, there at Monkeyland ... lil Joe phone home from REDMOND...
    ait? :)
  • You are a dumb fanboy. Thats all you are Okli
  • :) he he he... thank U very much... Joe microtroll ... give the 500 pounds
    dancing Gorilla a big fat kiss between his fat back cheeks... and live happy in the monkeyland ever after !!!
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