Apple Looking at "Grab and Go" Simplified Sync for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV -- Patent Watch


AppleInsider has the goods on yet another Apple patent, this one for a "grab and go" simplified sync solution that would let iPhone users more easily and organically share bookmarks, iTunes content, Time Machine backups, business and personal documents, video game status, etc. between Macs, Apple TVs, the cloud, and other gear real and imagined:

The filing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office suggests a scenario where a user is sitting at their desk working on a document, when they are called into an unexpected meeting. While the user may have a number of personal applications running, they would only want to bring their work-related content with them. The preferences would allow the user to "grab" only files and data related to work from the computer.

As always, just because Apple applies for a patent doesn't mean there are immediate (or even eventual) plans to release products that offer those features. Still, we want. How about you?

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Reader comments

Apple Looking at "Grab and Go" Simplified Sync for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV -- Patent Watch


That would be cool to be working on something on your desktop and be able to virtually drag it over to your iPhone almost like dual screening.

Compelling! I'd find that interesting. I would like more freedom to also store files in a "documents" space on the iPhone.

Maybe they didn't update it and it's just a basic layout used on older patents. Unless you've seen a newer one.

Notice the bluetooth icon is ON in the upper right corner of both pictures. Hmm... Could this finally mean Bluetooth file tranfers as well for my iPhone?

QuickOffice already does this and over Wi-Fi. I'm still waiting for the ability to move email attachments without a 3rd party work-around. And wouldn't it be nice to have data transfer between mobile devices? That omission is "bad for business."