Apple is Holding a Music Event - So Beatles on iTunes Rumors, Right?

As the typical timeframe for Apple's annual Music Event -- focused on iTunes and the iPod -- draws close, rumors have once again turned to... the Beatles. Perhaps because no other band seems both as close to Apple founder Steve Jobs' persona, and yet is still utterly missing from the digital download space.

This year, however, the Beatles do show up on Rock Band, and are releasing newly, digitally, remastered CDs, so will we finally get a Beatles on iTunes announcement this year to cap things off?

Ugh. Who knows? Why even bother to speculate any more, to track possible yellow iPod colors, to monitor McCartney's California travel plans, to play last year's Let's Rock keynote backwards for clues. It'll happen when it happens.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Apple is Holding a Music Event - So Beatles on iTunes Rumors, Right?


I don't think it is going to happen this year. With the remastered box set coming in September, I doubt they would want to cannibalize the sales of that package by also offering the music ala carte.
The Beatles catalog will end up on the iTunes store eventually, but unfortunately it probably won't be for a while.

MJ is dead and there is a battle over his estate. There is probably even less of a chance of it happening this year. Unless Sony buys out the estate's share no one is there to ink the deal.

I agree with Sting7K, the estate still owns this portfolio as far as I know.
The estate may decide to monetize it, but its not something Apple can do by itself.

I'd be happier if they decided to take away the scratch surface backs of touches and replace them with something more like the iPod nano line up. 4th gen. Make em colorful and pretty. I hate the backside of my touch. And as far as the beatles go i'm kind of a fan. But I kinda think they're over rated in a lot of senseS. Not to be a joykill. But whatev. It would be a great addition to iTunes.