Third New Apple iPhone 3GS Commercial Focuses on Video Recording, Editing, and Sharing


Looks like Apple wasn't quite done unveiling new iPhone 3GS commercials, as a a third one began airing last night focused on video recording, editing, and sharing.

Like the previous two, which highlighted copy and paste and Voice Control, Apple's keeping them all about the new features -- and the ease of use of the new features.

So that means compass and landscape keyboard are next, right?


Rene Ritchie

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billig hjemmeside says:

How about a link or embedded vid of the add's?

Rene Ritchie says:

Link is there -- Goes directly to the ad page :)

garylapointe says:

The compass was pretty boring when the highlighted the old app (not that long ago).
Maybe they've got some cool VR app to go with the compass?
Although the reorienting maps are pretty cool.

Dexter says:

The absolute coolest thing about the 3GS is video capturing and editing. Still... not enough to make me buy one! I will wait until my contract on the 3G is up next year so I can get the uber-cool 4G iPhone!